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I've created a Simic deck, which has gotten outta control and wiped my opponents.. 100/100 Trample, yes please... but it has too many cards.. Currently it's at 75 but would like to scratch it down to 60... It does have good draw power if I have Fathom Mage on the field and have Zegana in there too.... but otherwise, it's a little hard to draw... so if I get them out, the 75 cards isn't a problem..

Anyway the deck....

Creatures - 27

Spells - 25
2 Predator's Rapport
3 Bioshift
4 Give // Take
4 Simic Charm
3 Spell Rupture
3 Forced Adaptation
3 Unexpected Results
1 Doubling Season
1 Death's Presence
1 Ooze Flux[/deck]

Lands - 23
[deck]9 Forest
10 Island
4 Simic Guildgate[/deck]

This was more so for fun and lolz against my opponents.. Before I changed it a bit during a game with mates.. I had extra copies of
1 Forced Adaptation
1 Bioshift
2 Nimbus Swimmer
1 Zegana
1 Ooze Flux
1 Predator's Rapport

and replaced those with 
3 Progenitor Mimic
2 Thragtusk
1 Doubling Season
1 Death's Presence

But I wanna keep it more for Standard when Theros is around, so Thragtusk has to go :-( (but I have Predator's Rapport as a replacement) and Doubling Season isn't in Standard....

Any suggestions that'll cut my deck down to 70 but still keep with the Evolve/Simic theme will be appreciated.. I need more protection (as in counter spells) type Instants. so I can throw in a fourth copy of Spell Rupture... but that only works the best when my creatures are huge...  

as for budget, I don't mind spending a bit on cards if they're worth it... as I have spent $20 on Doubling Season...  Death's Presence suits this kind of deck as my creatures will get bigger when another one dies (and as such, get more cards from Fathom Mage or more mana from Gyre Sage)... so getting another copy of that won't be a problem... and Ooze Flux/Death's Presence work together... Take off counters to make a X/X creature when it dies put its power back on the creatures and rinse/repeat so it's kind of a never ending cycle of Oozes... and as such, making a decent sized Ooze creature might actually net more counters on the field.... so I might get more Death's Presence as they'll definitely net more counters out
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[deck]24 swamp
36 relentless rats[/deck]

or autocard Swamp
to autocard Swamp
but would like to scratch it down to 60

To get the deck down to 60, here are my cuts:


- 2 Simic Manipulator
- 2 Crowned Ceratok
- 2 Nimbus Swimmer
- 3 Progenitor Mimic
- 2 Predator's Rapport
- 3 Spell Rupture
- 1 Death's Presence

Simply put, these cards are all (CMC wise) too expensive (like Death's Presence), or (like Spell Rupture) too unreliable.

But I wanna keep it more for Standard

Then why bother adding a copy of Doubling Season at all?

as for budget, I don't mind spending a bit on cards if they're worth it

Your top priority should be improving your manabase then, HinterLand Harbor and Breeding Pool come to mind.

Given all the 2's and 3's that you are running, you deck lacks coherency and focus - I would be looking to this list and this list for "inspiration".

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