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Ive made it over time, and i know im doing something wrong, but just not sure what. If it gets a good draw, its ridiculous, but it has zero consistency. Looking for some advice >.<. its a modern="" deck but i would like it to be a little more competeive. I made it with the actual cards over time, and it was a bit pricey =[

 swamp x9
Drowned catacomb x4
Island x10

Total: 23


Psychic strike x4 - its a counter with a mill. Its nice.
Ravenous trap x2 - standard graveyard hate. I like it because it can just remove everything for graveyard refills or psychic spirals n stuff.
Glimpse the unthinkable x4 - Its a mill deck. this is a duh. 
Mind Funeral x4 - Also a duh. its an awesome mill card and brutal against anything not monocolor.
Into the roil x4 - STandard bounce spell. Kicker is nice because it can card accel. Could be replaced with cylonic rift
Twincast x3 - I absolutelly love this spell. Its just so versatile. Clone a glimpse, clone their revelations, clone any spell! can be offensive and defensive!
Black sun's zenith x3 - IMO probably one of the best board wipes ever printed. It ignores all regeneration/hexproof/indestructable/etc. and if it somehow doesnt kill things, they are a LOT weaker. 
total: 24

Fog bank x3 Such a silly card. great cheap flying defender
Nightveil Specter x3 - little bit of mill + you can steal their lands and its a any mana 3 drop flyer. Imo very nice
Royal Assassin x3 - awesome little creature killer. the 2 black can be a bit rhough. Have debated swapping it for Avatar of Woe
Nemesis of reason x2 5 drop thats a hell of a wall and if it lives a free 10mill. Pretty resiliant to board wipes and whatnot from my end.
Consuming aberration x2 - another 5 drop, but also nice mill and a pretty normal standard mill critter.

total: 13

60 card deck

Things im looking at in it

Jace of course. But he is a 5 drop for the one i want.
Tamiyo, the Moon sage Her ult wins the game for you basically with any of the mill cards you have and her +1 helps stall a lot. Plus she's just super pretty to look at. 
Mind grind Nice later game bomb. the targeted land mill is awesome.
Mana leak a good solid counter in most circumstances.
Uyo, silent prophet If she isnt killed immediately you basically win the game next turn with any mill card if its not countered. also a nice 4/4 flyer. but is a 6 drop.

Ive thought about lazav, but i dislike the fact he's 2b/2u...i have massive consistency issues as is and that wouldnt help. 

Open to idea's! 
It is a mill deck. Not entirely surprised to hear that it doesn't work.

Surprised to see Royal Assassin in a modern deck. Spot removal might be more fitting.

You don't want to run Iaza but you are willing to run Twincast which costs double blue. :p

Nihil Spellbomb and Relic of Progenitus should serve you better than the Trap.

Psychic Strike is cool, but some standard counters such as Remand and Mana Leak would be more than welcome.
why do you need graveyard hate from the trap?  Unless your meta involvs a lot of graveyard based strategies, that's a sideboard card at best.

your creaturs are too big.  I'd pick one of those three high cost guys and stick with them, or cut all of them down to 1 copy each.  Either way, they're dragging you down, I'm sure.  Why do you need them anyways?  Aren't you trying to win through mill?

You should focus on your theme.  If this deck is a mill deck, it's a mill deck.  I'd cut all the big guys, traps and one Zenith and replace them with Hedron Crab and Doom Blade or Mana Leak, then I'd replace the Specters and Assassins with Tome Scour and probably Jace Beleren or some other version of Jace, or possibly Liliana Vess for her discard and her ability to steal all those creatures you've been milling all game with her ult.
You have some of the best cards for a mill deck in the game, but they are with others that are really bad in here. This looks more like a bad control deck with a mill aspect than an actual mill deck. I see 3 major things that maybe the cause of your problem.
1) A lot of things in here are just way too expensive for a mill deck, I would keep the spells that cost more than 3 CMC to a minimum.
2) Your trying to do too many difrent things here, if it's a mill deck it should focus mostly on mill cards with a few removel or couterspells to handle anything major.
3) Your focusing too much on handling the opponents creatures, a good mill deck wins before creatures pose that big a threat.
I'd cut your creatures down to about 10 and bump your mill spels to about 16-20. I would run something more like this:

The keening stone does cost 6 which is high but by the time it's out you should be able to tap it for around 20+ cards. The Propaganda, crab and phantasm should be able to handle any serious creature threats and you can just let the small frys through. Also the phantasm can get you a damage win if your mill isn't gonna finsh the job(rare but happens). The visions should get you all the draw you need, and the crab+Oboro can let you still mill them even with an empty hand. You could also add Doomblade if you need removal, or the Fog banks and/or Jace's Archivist if your still worried about creatures or need more mill/draw. Anyway hope this helps or at least gives you ideas.
Mill aggro doesn't work. You can't interact with their board and you can't mill (IE library burn) them fast enough. If lightning bolt is the ideal burn spell = 3 damage = 15% of the starting players life total. An equivalent mill spell (15% of 53 cards in the start of game library) would be = 8 cards. We have hedron crab, vision charm, tome scour etc.

keening stone, mirko vosk, mind drinker, or consuming aberration make excellent finishers in a control deck with milling as the win condition but the tools simply don't exist to build a mill deck that can race any reasonable aggro deck. Cards like psychic strike, pilfered plans, visions of beyond, induce paranoia, and grisly spectacle can join standard control suites like mana leak, thoughtseize, recoil. and doom blade to make a very effective control deck.
Hmm, some food for thought. I probably should pull a few critters and put in the mana leaks and things. I forget that overall not on board at all > a fog bank blocker. swap royals for doom blades...

I really really want to be able to play with zenith's though. buttt they really are a sideboard card.

Another fun milling trick is to use is Archive trap+Ghost Quarter. I myself don't like it because it has a lot of draw backs, but I know a lot of people who use it
the problem with that is that Ghost Quarter is optional, so your opponent can foil it by just not getting a new land.  Same with Path to Exile, but with that one you just got an Unmake for 1 if they don't get a land so it's more of a win/win.
That's why I don't like it, but some people think the chance to mill 13 for free is worth maybe just costing them a land.
Archive trap looks like a lot of fun, but doesnt seem super consistant. 

Overall, put in the 4 mana leaks, and will swap fog banks for mindseekers, and still leaves me with 3 i can swap for mind sculpts or something. Im not sure about keeping the nightveils, i do need SOME creatures and a 3 mana 2/3 with no risk of mana screwing because of the duel land costs seems really nice.  
I'd run Circu, Dimir Lobotomist over the Nightveils.  Sure, he's slow, but his ability is well worth it.  Shutting down your opponent can happen incredibly quickly with him.
Oh wow, ive never even seen him. That looks annoying as hell. But that leaves me with the 4 one drop critters and everything else is 4+, am i supposed to just mana leak everything early and eat the aggro damage?
I'd go with this:

obviously that's a pretty expensive land base, I just went for idealism there.  What really matters is the rest of the cards.  Hope that helped
I think you just want to try to mill the opponent as fast as possible. Forget defense.

4 Glimpse the Unthinkable
4 Archive Trap
4 Breaking // Entering
4 Mind Funeral
4 Hedron Crab
4 Mind Sculpt

Something like that... 
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