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What is better haveing 24 different creatures that work well together like slivers or 4x of specific slivers? Im useing slivers as an example.
It is almost always best to run as many copies as possible of the best spells in any given deck. There are a few exceptions, but none worth mentioning here. 
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Although when it comes to slivers, alot of times 2x is all you'd need/want, like Galerider Sliver, Striking sliver, and Heart sliver. Thier abilities don't stack so playing with 4 usually leads to multiple wasted abilities in play. However things like Muscle Sliver,Might Sliver and Predatory Sliver want you running playsets.

It all comes down to Variety VS. Consistancey. It really depends on if you want to be able to handle a lot of diffirent things, or draw and play the same things every time you play the deck.
I'm not sure I understand the question.

If you're asking whether 4-of or 1-of is better. Generally speaking, you should always run 4 copies of cards.
(Some decks have tutor/searching effects, for example Worldly Tutor or Sliver Overlord, and then it's ok to run 1 copy of a card since you can just search your library for that 1 copy, but even those decks will run 4 copies of many cards.)

If you're asking whether Slivers are worth running if you only run 1 kind of Sliver. Sometimes, yes, but it depends. Muscle Sliver used to be in non-Sliver decks since they're better than Grizzly Bears. See also Kindle.