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 Hello, some of you may recognize me from Worlds 2008. I played Mark Rosewater in a game of Momir Basic , WITH OUT A COMPUTER. Some time in 2006 I started creating my fist "Paper Vig" lists.I update them with each new set. So my idea is, I will post my list here for anyone to print off and use as they will. Feel free to use this thread to Cretic my choices and voice your own opinion what should/ or should not be on the list.



"What is Momir Vig Basic?"



First, you need to know what Vanguard are. The first set of Vanguardcame out about the same time as the set Visions. You would buy them in a pack of 4, sort of like a normal packof cards. The original set only had 8 vanguard.  They later released 24 more, making a total of 32. Each Vanguard is an over sized magic card. To play with Vanguard each player would need a normal deck and one Vanguard of there choice. Each player started the game with there Vanguard "in play". The vanguard can not be attacked, destroyed, or otherwise effected during a game. Each Vanguard affected its players starting life, and starting hand size (along with max hand size) and gave the player some special effect on the game.



Years later, Magic Online is created and to spice things up they start making Online Vanguard. Each of these is Unique to the original 32, but the exact number is constantly changing as they add new Vanguards with each new set.



Then comes Momir Vig, Simic Visionary. He is created for Magic Online, and to date has never been officially available to the "real" world. Momir's ability is so unique that it branches into its own format. "Momir Vig Basic". The rules are simple each player can only be playing with a deck of basic lands, and has to use Momir Vig, Simic Visionary as thier vanguard. Sadly, Magic Online doesn't support multiplayer, atleast yet. But my "Paper Vig", not only supports it, I strongly urge you to play with 3 or more players, its alot more fun that way.



Before I show the lists I want to start by giving the goals I have with what should be on the list.



Goal 1: To make each roll as "tense" as possible. Your roll could end in death, loss of your creatures, stealing a creature, getting a huge trampler, and so on and so forth. Basicly, have as few boring Vanilla creatures as possible.



Goal 2: If there are less then 60 creatures at a Converted Mana Cost line, they will all be on the list.



Goal 3: The first 30 on the list should be good creatures for thier Mana cost.



Goal 4: The last 30 on the list should be either Extremely bad (defined as doing somthing far worse then just coming into play and dieing) or they should be bad Most of the time, but have a possibility of being alright - great. (no creatures that will always "just come into play and die") Exeption: I make 1 exception to goal 4 and thats on CMC line 8. There are so few "bad" creatures I did use a lhurgoyf that is against goal 4.



The current list has 60 creatures for each CMC or all of them if their are less then that. Unlike the real Momir Vig you would play online, my list goes through every creature in the game thats tourneyment legal instead of those that are currently on Magic Online.



To roll a d60, you role a d6 for your tens place and a d10 for your ones place. (ie, role a 2 on the d6 and a 7 on the d10 you rolled 27) Later on the list you are asked to role a d30 (I use a d30 rerolling rolls over 26). Having a d4, d6, d10, d12and d30 are helpfull. (If you don't have a d30 you can roll d4 as tens place with a d10 for ones place, and subtract 10 from the result, re-rolling anything any result over 30 or a result of 0)






NOTE: If you want to print off a set of these, Right click each image and then Click view image to get the HIGH Resolution version of the image. Wizards Forums cuts them down so they are viewable. They can also be printed from my profile, under photos, but you will need to click "view full sized" beneath the picture to get good quality pics.



Momir Vig Vanguards


























































Token Sheet







Making your Own Paper Set



To make your own paper set you will need to print these 32 pages off (preferable back to front). If you like the image at the top can be the cover page with page 1 on its back, then print 2 on same page as 3, 4 same page at 5, and so on. Doing it this way will work best once you put them all in a binder. Once you have printed both sides, cut off the un-needed white border around each sheet.



This next step is important, lamination. Before laminating its important to remember we want to put these sheets into a binder for easy use and storage. Place the pages into a pile with the fallowing pages facing up. Pile Cover, Page 2, Page 4, Page 6, Page 8, Page 10, Page 12, Page 14, Page 16, and so on. These sheets should each be smaller then a normal sheet of paper. If you get these laminated with Lamination Paper designed for a normal size sheet of paper you will have Extra Lamination. This is good. Line up each of these sheets to the upper right corner of the lamination paper. Then run through the laminator. This should leave extra to the bottom and left side. I cut off the bottom part. The left side you want to leave. This is where you 3 hole punch the sheets. Now you can place these in a 3 ring binder and easily flip through the chart to find the Creature you rolled.



The Token Sheets I print off double sided ( so there are tokens on back and front). Again I cut off the excess white around the Token Sheet, but leave them as one sheet of paper with 9 blank tokens. Laminate these as well, again by placing them in the upper right corner of the lamination paper. Do NOT 3 whole punch these. Once laminated the token sheets become re-usable. Dry Erase markers easily wipe off as a token dies or game ends. Plus if you leave the unused Lamination on the left side of each sheet you can keep track of your life total there.



I keep 8 "Token Sheets" with my set, so upto 8 people can easily play. The decks. I use one of the Fat Pack boxes for my Momir Vig Basic Decks. Each Deck consists of 12 of each basic land. It works out nicely that exactly 8 {60 card decks} unsleeved fit in 1 Fat Pack box (if you can, do like I did and trade for the one from Dissension that has Momir on the top)



Dice; It helps to have a d4, d6, d10, d12, and d30.










Well, I think we should spread the word. I think alot of people would like to play Vig in the "real" world. So to promote this I asking any of you that want to to add a link to this Thread into your signature.
Quite cool - I admire your dedication! You should absolutely make this into an iPhone app! If you need helping doing it, let me know and I'll try to hook you up with a friend who has made a few apps for the iPhone.
This forum shouldn't have been made active until it was finished. There's just no excuse for this piece of garbage.
When I looked at this, I thought for sure that Skyward Eye Prophets would be on here.

I did not register my MTGO program, but I have found a similar generator updated to Planar Chaos. It's similar to what you're trying to accomplish, so I thought it might assist the people who would be looking at this topic.
Quite cool - I admire your dedication! You should absolutely make this into an iPhone app! If you need helping doing it, let me know and I'll try to hook you up with a friend who has made a few apps for the iPhone.

I second that. It would save lots of trees and printer ink too. LOL.
Its Pre-view time for Alara Reborn. And I see three big winners already.

And Suprizingly one is a "bad" roll. Bad cards are very rare for vig and this one is a new kind of bad.

Sages of the Anima - oops you no longer draw cards.

As for good

A sphinx like akroma? - Sphink of the Steel Wind

A milling creature who is tough to kill? - Nemisis of Reason

Updated the list for Alara Reborn:

New: Madrush Cyclops, Stun Sniper, Riftwing Cloudskate, Nemesis of Reason, Cerodon Yearling, Knight of New Alara, Lightning Reaver, Sages of the Anima, Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund, Sphinx of the Steel Wind, Thraximundar, Filigree Angel

Removed: Infectious Horror, Sheperd of Rot, Shriekmaw, Scalpelexis, Stinging Licid, Rakka Mar, Fusion Elemental, Gutwrencher Oni, Living Inferno, Grim Poppet, Doomgape, Tombstalker.

The Token Sheets I print off double sided ( so there are tokens on back and front). Again I cut off the access white around the Token Sheet, but leave them as one sheet of paper with 9 blank tokens. Laminate these as well, again by placing them in the upper right corner of the lamination paper. Do NOT 3 whole punch these.

Once laminated the token sheets become re-usable. Dry Erase markers easily wipe off as a token dies or game ends. Plus if you leave the unused Lamination on the left side of each sheet you can keep track of your life total there. I keep 8 "Token Sheets" with my set, so upto 8 people can easily play.

First of all, my compliments for Paper Vig, it's a really smart way to play Momir Basic. I discovered this format just 2 weeks ago and I wanted to introduce it in my play group, but didn't have any idea on how to play it until I found this thread, so thank you very much!

The instructions and sheets you give are very very useful, you just have to print them, grab some dices and play, but I found difficult to laminate all the sheets. While it's not necessary to laminate the pages with the creatures, it's essential to laminate the token sheets, if you want to reuse them. I found a solution to this problem, maybe you thought about it but I didn't see it here so I'm just writing it down for the rest of the people who like Paper Vig.

The solution is:
- print the token sheets, paying attention to making the tokens the size of magic cards;
- crop the tokens with your scissors;
- put every token in a standard transparent card sleeve (I put a land card inside and the token on it, just to make it rigid, but you can also direclty print them on rigid paper).

This way you have each token "laminated" to use them the same way and you can also tap them, as it was not possible with the token sheets!

Hope you find this useful, have fun with Paper Vig!
If individual laminated tokens works for you , go with it.

I felt keeping track of 40 or more little token cards would get annoying, so we just remeber which creatures are tapped and which are not. Coarse when I played Patrick Chapin he marked tapped creatures with beads. To each there own, its a casual format for lots of random fun.

As a fun note: Each token has a "squished empty art box". One of my friends whenever he plays always puts in a quick doodle of the creature rolled, many times they are quite humorous.

Well did my best to update the Post so it didn't look silly from the Forums Update.

I have been waiting to update the actual lists until we have Zendikar. M10 only had one card I really like Baneslayer Angel.

But from older sets I want to add Sun Ce, Young Conquerer , Zhuge Jin, Wu Strategist , and Menacing Ogre .

So far I like Scythe Tiger; Ob Nixilis, The Fallen; Roil Elemental; landfall should give some great creaturs.

Oracle of Mul Daya is an Auto Include.

Vampire Nighthawk is cool, but I don't think it makes the cut.

Sadly for some time now Plague Sliver has been on the 5 mana cost line, and infact he costs 4.( He's been there for atleast 2 years and no one noticed Surprised) So he is either moving to 4 or getting cut all together.


Iona, Shield of Emeria not amazing, but she brings the number of 9 costers upto 27.

Well its that time again, a new list of goodies//badies to add to the Vig List. Its already updated on first post. I made a few changes to the list that intentionally effect how powerful some lines are. Line one is way more powerful than it has ever been, too often people skip the 1 line all together, so my aim was to make it more appealing. The 6 line got knocked down a notch, several of its "Bads" we not, so they got moved to the good section and new bads were added. Line 5 got a significant bump in power, hopefully these new creature can offset the danger of rolling on the 5 line.

We gained the following:

Scute Mob, Sakura-Tribe Scout, Caller of Gales, Hedron Crab, Scythe Tiger, Vampire Lacerator, Kor Duelist, Zhuge Jin, Wu Strategist, Oracle of Mul Daya, Baneslayer Angel, Sun Ce, Young Conquerer, Ob Nixilis, the Fallen, Menacing Ogre, Felidar Sovereign, Roil Elemental, Ebon Preator, Razing Snidd, Lorthos, the Tidemaker, and Ione, Shield of Emeria.

14 Cards from Zendikar, 2 from Portal 3 kingdoms, 1 Fallen Empires, 1 Planeshift, 1 M10, 1 Kamigowa = 20 new Creatures.

We lost the Following:

Straw Golem, Image Crafter, Stampede Driver, Rogue Elephent, Carnophage, Aven Envoy, Goblin Swine-Rider, Knight of the Reliquary, Mystic Enforcer, Rift Wing Cloud Skate, Oversoul fo the Dusk, Plague Sliver, Siezan, Perverter of Truth, Predator Dragon, Keiga, the Tidestar, Ascendant Evincar, Arcanis the Omnipotent, Thousand Legged Kami.

Lost 19 Creatures.

373 creatures currently on the list.

Worldwake TIME. Here's a quick list of what I think I am considering to move on the list from Worldwake.

Abyssal Spector - Not sure if good or bad, but heck of interesting

Admonition Angel

Avenger of Zendikar

Bazaar Trader

Dragon Master Outcast

Novablast Wurm

Pulse Tracker


Walking Atlas

For Non-Worldwake Creatures

Raka Disciple

Elvish Pioneer

Auger of Skulls

Coiling Oracle

Tilling Treefolk

Teferi's Imp - new bad

Phatasmal Sphere - new bad

Harvest Wurm

Finalized list for Worldwake, its already up on post 1.

New Additions: Elvish Pioneer, Ana Disciple, Dragonmaster Outcast, Harvest Wurm, Augur of Skulls, Bazaar Trader, Coiling Oracle, Phantasmal Sphere, Tilling Treefolk, Teferi's Imp, Abyssal Persecutor, Admonition Angel, Noveblast Wurm, and Butcher of Malikar.

Removed: Sakura-Tribe Scout, Caller of Gales, Hedron Crab, Talara's Battalion, Nezumi Shortfang, Kavu Predator, Sinbad, Cephilid Illisionist, Soul Sculptor, Tethered Skirge, Ifh-Biff Efreet, Visara the Dreadful, Hollowborn Barghest, and Stone-tongue Basilisk

Most swap outs were to giving greater variety on a line, or to upgrade to a better version of a similar card.
Well, ite been a while (over a year) since I updated online. I've been keeping my personal list up to date. So with some coaxing from online fans, I'm updating finally.

In addition to adding Rise of Eldrazi (which has tons of high costers added), M11, Scars of Mirrodin, & Mirrodin Besieged, we have a huge change to the list. Its now 60 creatures per line instead of only 40.

D6 as tens place and D10 for ones place.

544 different creatures on the list.
I'm so glad this is back! More importantly, this is the first time I've been able to post on this topic since Wizards updated the forums. I can't wait to see what new cards will be picked. I could even update my version of the online version of Momir Basic, which had not been updated since Planar Chaos, but only put the cards on the list on there, since the entirety of the last couple of years of card would be a little hard to update it to. Will you also be updating your Stonehewer Giant tables?
I have stonehewer updated, so I just need to upload it. Need to get a moderator to move that one too.
I like this! A solution for those that wouldn't want to print all the sheets (if anyone out there is like me) is to use Excel or some other spreadhseet software to make the lists. I might give it a crack later. I'll talk to my playgroup and give it a try, it sounds fun!
Updated Stonehewer list. Its now located in Casual play like this Thread.
So played a Game of Paper Momir basic with Stonehewer on Sunday.

This single game was completly nuts, I can't remember the exact order of everthing but here are some of the crazy things that happened.

5 lands from each player under a Realm Razor controlled by Rob. Jacob builds back upto 5 lands and rolls a Skyswallower (the bad one) equiped with No-Dachi(+3/+0 and first strike) Donating all his permanents to Rob. Later, realm Razor Dies, and Skyswallower player has a nasty big flyers and lands to still be in the game.

Horobi, death's wail is on the table  for a long time (owned by Jacob, but donated to Rob), equipment can't be moved around. During this time I get a stuff doll (give him +0/+2 and Reach) and I completly level up Transendent Master, then equip him with my own No-Dachi (+3/+0 first strike). After this point Jacob gets a Capricious Efreet allowing him to kill two creatures and destroy one of his equipment per turn. The turn after Jacob gets a Yawgmoth demon, so he can sacrifice the same equipment he already targeted with Capricious efreet.

I then end up rolling Skitherex with Mana Force Mace, I move yet another No-Dachi onto him. (11/9 flying infect first strike with Regeneration seems good)

At Some Point Rob rolls Denizen of the Deep loosing all his other creatures.

I do end up winning the game with well over 60 life, by first killing Jacob, and the Rob.

Silly game;

Turn 1

  • Carl Rolls a Weatherseed Elf

  • Gannon Rolls a Ication Money Changer

  • Randy Rolls a Magus of the Scroll

  • I roll a Granger Guildmage

Turn 2

  • Carl Rolls a Serra Avenger

  • Gannon Rolls a Baduko Gardener

  • Randy Rolls a Molten Hydra ( he never sees double Mountain)

  • I don't roll, so I can kill Bakuko Gardener with Granger Guildmage.

Turn 3

  • Carl Rolls a Countryside Crusher.

  • Gannon Rolls a Noble Benafactor

  • Randy Rolls a Glissa, the Traitor

  • I roll a Rogue SkyCaptain.

Turn 4

  • Carl dies on his upkeep.

  • Gannon Rolls a Emberwilde Caliph

  • Randy Rolls a Cunning Lithomancer (not sure why he held back a mana), attacks me with GLissa, I chump with Skycaptain.

  • I also Roll a Emberwild Caliph

Turn 5

  • During upkeep Gannon Sac's Money Changer for 7 life. Gannon Rolls a Sun Ce, Young Conquerer (killing Glissa) Gannon Attacks me with his Emberwilde, I block with mine.

  • Randy Rolls a Spirit Monger then attacks Gannon with Lithomancer and trades with Noble Benefactor everyone "draws" a card.

  • I roll a Seedborn Muse.

Turn 6

  • Gannon Rolls a Nemisis of Reason (not sure why he held back a mana)

  • Randy Rolls a Sliver Queen (keeping one mana to regen Spirit Monger) Spiritmonger attacks me, I chump block with my Granger.

  • I roll a World Gorger Dragon.

Turn 7

  • Gannon rolls a Phage the untouchable, and losses.

  • Randy decides to hold back some mana, and rolls on 3 line. Gets a Countryside crusher.

  • I pass turn.

Turn 8

  • Randy dies during his upkeep.

I win with out attacking an opponent.
Were you at GP Dallas this past weekend? I saw someone playing Momir, and when I turned back around they were gone. I looked for them all weekend to play. But then I found this thread, and will now be a faithful follower and contributor to this project if that's ok.
Yes, that was me. I can regularly be found at Grand Prix/Pro Tours, I'm a level 2 judge who gets around to big events.

Input is always appreciated.

We have one auto include;
[Card]Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur[/Card] - only creature in the set over 8 mana.

Likely to make it onto list;
[Card]Myr Superion[/Card]
[Card]Phyrexian Obliterator[/Card]
[Card]Urabrask the Hidden[/Card]
[Card]Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite[/Card]
[Card]Phyrexian Ingester[/Card]
[Card]Sheoldred, Whispering One[/Card]
[Card]Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger[/Card]

Positiv Mentions;
[Card]Furnace Scamp[/Card]
[Card]Blighted Agent[/Card]
[Card]Suture Priest[/Card]
[Card]Impaler Shrike[/Card]
[Card]Etched Monstrosity[/Card]
[Card]Invader Parasite[/Card]
[Card]Shattered Angel[/Card]
[Card]Chained Throatseeker[/Card] - As a bad
How would Spawnsire of Ulamog work in this format? Could you just take any colorless Eldrazi cards you owned and put them into the game? Or would it fail to work because it woulsn't happen in MTGO?
Technicly speaking, it would allow you to grab all the Eldrazi "cards" you have with you and put them onto the battlefield. But that does mean, you have to both own Eldrazi cards and have them with you.
It's been four months since the last post, and Jin-Gitaxia isn't in there. Also this is the first new post in months. Did you forget? Is it on Photobucket? Or has it become too difficult to maintain, and you've decided you have to let it go? I hope not.
I generally don't update the 3rd set of a block, until the start of the next one, I get very busy in the summer and there seems to be more releases crammed together. But I'll be heading to worlds in San Fransisco in November, so I want to have this up to date while I'm there.

So proliminary rune of New Phyrexia, the commander decks, and Innistrad give me the following must includes:

Skirdag High Priest   - 2 drop that taps 3 creatures to net a flying Demon why not
Skaab Ruinator  - 3 drop thata  5/6 flyer, seems good
Myr Superion - 2 drop thats a 5/6 nice
Jin-gitaxias - 10 drop, must include, and good anyways
Dread Cacodemon - 10 drop, vinilla big guy
Ruhan of Fomori - 4 drop 7/7 that must attack a random opponent

You'll note I didn't grab any Double sided cards, unfortunetly they don't work in Vig. Tokens can not be transformed. I was hoping some would be completely awful on top side so they might be good for the bad side of a line, but unfortunetly most are mediocre. Maybe next set will have a guy that Deals 4 damage to you during you upkeep than transforms, but in vig since he can't he just hits you for 4 damage every turn.

Other notables include
Fiend hunter
Armore Skaab (as a bad)
Laboratory Maniac (a way to win because of Leveler)
Sturmgeist  - Not amazing, but it changes the way a player plays in Vig, which is a good thing
Bloodline keeper - even though he can't flip, still very excellent for a 4 drop
Reaper from Abyss - probly not good enough 6 line is packed
Typhoid Rats - descent
Scourge of Geier Reach - Could be amazing in Multiplayer
Essense of teh wild - rather entertaining
tree of redemption - silly, save a person
Evil twin - may be a good replacement for clone
Olivia Vandaran - Really cool
Gideon's Avanger - Scary good, seriously should find room for him
Phantasmal Bear, Dragon, Image - all really cool, not sure if they are bad enough to be bads
Blighted Agent - unblockable infect, rather unlikly to seal a kill though
Phyrexian Obliterator - In all reallity this will probly make it on the list
Invader Parasite - Changes what lands people will play, which can be lead to un-intended consiquensices
Any of the other 4 Praetors are nasty, but I try not to put more then 2 of any one cycle in on a list (so there is room for other stuff)
Phyrexian injester will likely make list
Trench Gorger and Megmatic Fourc seem good
Avatar of slaughter seems like a great BAD
Had a fun game 2 weeks ago.

4 player Momir Vig Basic.

I get extra mana off of Magus of vinyard an opponent dropped. Though out Nova Blastworm, attack with it, then drop like a 8/8 vanilla.

Opponent counters with Thraximunder. Well I'm so low on life I can't afford to take the damage, I'm forced to sac the Nova blast wurm so I can block with the vanilla guy. I end up loosing the match, but not before killing the Thraximunder player.

Seems hilarious to loose with having had a active Nova Blast.
Well update through Innistrad now. Most of the changes discussed were made, some I couldn't make room for. Only creature added that was not discusses was Stromkirk Noble, seemed like a great one drop.

This shouldn't need to be updated again until Early February. Thats over a solid 3 months.

Note; if your list is currently update through Mirrodin Besieged, you only need to print off Cover & Page 1, Page 2 & Page 3, Page 4 & Page 5, Page 12 and Page 13, Page 14 & Page 15, lastly Page 22 & Page 23.
6 player game. I get Twilight Drover early. One opponent gets Godhead of Awe. I later get Thermopod

I collect enough tokens (from Drover), I was able to start rolling on the 16 line by sacking them for mana, first try get the Autocron Wurm. 2nd attempt I get Emrakul. Able to end the game with her.
updated Stonehewer Vanguard as well.

I'll be at worlds this weekend. So if your there, maybe we can play a game.

Just an FYI, you have Swamp Mosquito in here twice. Was that on purpose, because it seems like a weird creature to have 2 of lol? It is CMC 2 Roll 23, and CMC 2 Roll 43 if I'm not mistaken.
Nice Catch, next update I'll correct that.
So finally got around to updating. Last update was for Innistrad, this will catch up on Dark Ascension, Avacyn Restored, M13, Return to Ravnica, & Planechase #2 (no creatures were taken from planechase).

1mana Lost:
Mortician Beetle
Bloodhall Ooze

1mana Gained:
Ulvenwald Tracker
Vexing Devil

2mana Lost:    
Cerodon Yearling
Molten Hydra 

2mana Gained:
Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage
Pack Rat 

3mana Lost:
Woolly Thoctar

3mana Gained:
Wayfaring Temple 

4mana Lost:
Chameleon Colossus
Kongming, "sleeping Dragon"
Iwamori of the open fist
Forgotten Ancient
Fickle Efreet

4mana Gained:
Trostani, Selesnya's Voice
Angel of Jubilation
Havengul Vampire
Volatile Rig
Disciple of Bolas

5mana Lost:
Ob Nixilis, the Fallen
Empress galina
Rubinia Soulsinger
Battlegrace Angel
Sliver Queen

5mana Gained:

Beguiler of wills
Fiend of the Shadows
Wolfir Silverheart

7mana Lost:
Simic Sky swallower
Herald of Leshrac
Phyrexian Ingester (was on list as a good, didn't notice it can not kill tokens)    
Dragon Mage

7mana Gained:
Gisela, Blade of Goldnight
Elderscale Wurm
Craterhoof Behemoth
Drogskol Reaver

8mana Lost:
Bogardan Hellkite
Silver Seraph
Bosh, Iron Golem

8mana Gained:
Angel of Serenity
Avacyn, Angel of Hope

11mana Gained:
Worldspine Wurm               

Final Total of 547 creatures on the list.  

So messed up, had a 7mana creature on the 8 Mana line, and visa versa. Its fixed now.
Im wondering how you use the sheets. You printt them out ofcourse. But how to keep track of them who has what?

Cut them out one time and sleeve them up? What you do when 2 persons roll the same then?
Have all sheets layed out and sat markers on them?
Each person their own bundle of tokens? Or all other kind of logistical nightmares?

squirlke wrote:
Im wondering how you use the sheets. You printt them out ofcourse. But how to keep track of them who has what?

Cut them out one time and sleeve them up? What you do when 2 persons roll the same then?
Have all sheets layed out and sat markers on them?
Each person their own bundle of tokens? Or all other kind of logistical nightmares?


I keep 8 sheets of tokens, each sheet has 9 tokens on it, each player gets thier own Dry Erase marker and a sheet. Since the sheet is whole, usually marked tapped creatures with a "t", or just remember. Will be updating the list soon, just waiting for Born of the Gods to be fully spoiled.


I'm now a writer, and one of my articles is about Momir Basic, and updating this list.


You can find it Here.

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