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I have played Magic for about 5 years now, but have always played green (usually elves). I am trying to make a B/W Zombie deck.

Here is what i have at the moment:


4 Death Baron
4 Festering Goblin
4 Lord of the Undead
3 Mirror Entity
3 Stillmoon Cavalier
4 Tidehollow Sculler


2 Infest
4 Nameless Inversion
4 Unmake
4 Oblivion Ring
2 Eyeblight’s Ending


10 Plains
12 Swamp

Now this deck is kind of budget, and Mirror Entity is hard to get hold of where I live. So any comments and a good replacement for Mirror Entity would be much appreciated.
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Undead Warchief and Gempalm of course and you will need

Call to the grave

A black and white zombie is quite different from what I am used to with only using mono black. I hope it turns out well for you.
Mortify should be run over some of your other removal (probably over Eyeblight, unmake, or nameless inversion in that order). so +4 Mortify -4 your other creature kill
Actually I'm trying to keep it standard. Are there any standard cards you guys could recommend?
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There is a great thread for this kind of deck over at the tournament center. "Zombie panda".

I have played a budget variant online for about a week. I use Grave Pact and Fleshbag Marauder to deal with shrouded targets and its great, as long as I survive long enough to set it up.

Stillmoon Cavalier is fairly expensive but if you already got it, good for you, its great! (apearantly)

I would recomend some disruption, like Thoughtsieze if you can afoard it, I use distress. Ravens crime does the job as well as taking care of all that mana you wount want since the zombies flat out at 3 cmc. At the other hand its quite possible that your opponent have emptied his/her hand by then. I tried Syphon Life for a while and its not all bad.

Oblivion ring is slow but a treat against things like planswalkers and equipment.

I use Graveborn Muse to gain some cards, as long as you got a plan to get rid of her she can make a game for you.

Im not all that impressed by the Mirror Entity but it is a way to chanel your excess mana I guess.

I think you might want swap 2 spells for 2 more boddies, add some disruption, keep slightly more swamps in favour for plains (your lords are BB, its more noticable than you might think), figure out how to deal with creatures with shroud and prepare your most evil laugh for when you get Lord of the undead, Nameless Inversion and 6 mana going.

Good brain hunting!
I have decided to to put in a Arcane Sanctum , well actually about three of them. Also what would be a good substitute for Festering Goblin
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Arcane sanctum is a good idear, I would recomend swaping plains rather than swamps since your lords are BB as well as LotUd activated ability is black and those are fairly important to the deck.

If you want to stick to standard there arent realy any options on the onedrops. Quite a few have decided to cut it but I think its a great addition. You need to be carefull since its -1/-1 ability will hit your own creatures if your opponent dont have any legal targets but that usualy isnt much of a problem. It will smothe out your curve, let you do something with your first and any leftover mana. You'd be surpriced how often this little guy can detere attackers all on his own. He can take down a 2 toughtnes guy on his own, or two 1 toughtnes guys. Or he can chump blocka big beast and pick of a utility creature such as Llanowar Elves.

I know Im repeating my self but since you run Tidehollow Sculler another set of discard can realy be usefull.
Thanks for all that, but now say hyperthetically I deside to instead go Mono-Black Zombie deck. are there any extra cards that I should include, its just that my freinds have all been saying mono-black is better, and one of them works at a card shop, and another was on Pro-Tour
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Well i have been playing B/W zombies for awhile and I got to say B/W is better then black. White gives you oblivion rings, and some new cards from conflux that will help you sideboard for other decks. I topped 4 everytime and came in first a couple times. I mean it just my personal opinion and it just kind of depends what people play at your FNM. But this is what i play.

4 Tidehollow Sculler
4 Stillmoon Cavalier
3 Lord of the Undead
3 Mirror entity
3 Deathbringer Liege
2 Reveillark

3 Bitterblossom
3 Oblivion Ring
3 Raven's Crime
4 Nameless Inversion
4 thoughtseize

4 Caves of kolios
4 mutavault
3 fetid heath
4 Plains
9 Swamps

3 wrath of god
3 Forge-Tender
3 Wispmare
3 Batwing Broom
3 Runed Halo
Turns out. The guy that said he would trade the Stillmoon Cavaliers traded them a while ago. are there any cards i could use to substitute?
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White gives you oblivion rings.

Yes and i do belive we all agree that O-ring is a house.