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I'm more of a Casual Player in Magic, and I thought I'd create a thread for people to just show of, explane and comment on simple casual decks. I have lots, but heres one that I made, which I like;

It's a simple White deck. White is my favourate colour, but I'm not too keen on life-gain, so I made this around agrro White. You can't go wrong with Suntail Hawk in a casual White deck. A 1/1 Flyer for W, most other 1/1 Flyers tend to be two mana cost. And if you keep pumping it up with Holy Strength and Glorious Anthem, it will most likly be in your opponats face before he can react.
Loyal Sentry is a good arrow-fodder card for getting rid of annoying big creatures that attack you.
Loxodon Gatekeeper slows down your opponats side of the board mid-game, so play it when you can.
Mobilization makes Soilder Tokens, so they are handy with Filed Marshal, since Field Mashal gives a good plus to Solider Creatures.
Forbidding Watchtower makes for a good defender, and with the multipule +1/+1 bonuses it can be a good attacker as well.
True Believer gives you Shroud. Can't argue with that.
Vetern Armour ensures that your creatuers have a good Toughness to withstand other aggro decks, this is made better with Guardians Magemark, which has flash (But the card was made before the kewword. lol).
Icatian Javelineers pings away at your oppenats head.
Pacifisum deals with large creatures that Loyal Snetral misses, or ones that you don't want in the Graveyard.
Celestrial Ancient gets is a good late-game play, pumping up all your creaturs, which are most likly already pumped up.
Putting all the +1/+1 abilties togeather, and you can see just how strong this deck can be. Of course, the major weakness to the deck is Blue Control. Counter Spells ruin the deck leaving you open. My friend hammers me with some of his Blue Decks. Anyway, tell me what you think and maybe post some improvements. It don't really matter which block the cards are from, it's just casual. lol.
So this is just a random deckpost thread?
Sure, I'll play!

8 x <a href="" class="autocard-link" data-image-url=";name=Island">Island</a>
4 x <a href="" class="autocard-link" data-image-url=";name=Lonely+Sandbar">Lonely Sandbar</a>
4 x <a href="" class="autocard-link" data-image-url=";name=Mishra%27s+Factory">Mishra's Factory</a>
4 x <a href="" class="autocard-link" data-image-url=";name=Blinkmoth+Nexus">Blinkmoth Nexus</a>
4 x <a href="" class="autocard-link" data-image-url=";name=Faerie+Conclave">Faerie Conclave</a>

4 x <a href="" class="autocard-link" data-image-url=";name=Force+Spike">Force Spike</a>
4 x <a href="" class="autocard-link" data-image-url=";name=Mana+Leak">Mana Leak</a>
4 x <a href="" class="autocard-link" data-image-url=";name=Counterspell">Counterspell</a>
4 x <a href="" class="autocard-link" data-image-url=";name=Mana+Drain">Mana Drain</a>
4 x <a href="" class="autocard-link" data-image-url=";name=Force+of+Will">Force of Will</a>
4 x <a href="" class="autocard-link" data-image-url=";name=Whispers+of+the+Muse">Whispers of the Muse</a>
4 x <a href="" class="autocard-link" data-image-url=";name=Chain+of+Vapor">Chain of Vapor</a>
4 x <a href="" class="autocard-link" data-image-url=";name=Standstill">Standstill</a>
2 x <a href="" class="autocard-link" data-image-url=";name=Reminisce">Reminisce</a>
2 x <a href="" class="autocard-link" data-image-url=";name=Stroke+of+Genius">Stroke of Genius</a>

Counter as much as possible, bounce the rest, beat 'em to death with lands.
i wanted it to be an actually played deck- didn't work as well as i'd hoped
its purpose was to be budget... thus the lacking of b.o.p.
4x boros garrison
4x [c]fire-lit thicket
4x jungle shrine
4x rugged prairie
4x saltcrusted steppe
(lands like that)

4x citadel of pain
4x power surgep
4x manabarbs
4x urza's armor
4x llanowar elves
4x darksteel ingot
4x druid of the anima
4x fog
4x orcish lumberjack
4x obelisk of naya
you can see the staple of the deck...
it didn't really work
the purpose was basically to make people afaid of their lands- thus the name

I have this one so when I invariably get a crowd of people watching my game with someone else begging me to play, I have one to let the newbies use. It plays a bunch of one-drops, and then Celestial Ancient, followed by a bunch of enchantments. It loops Brilliant Halo with caribou tokens for extra counters. If someone wipes the enchantments or it would just be better for whatever reason, it uses Cantivore and Patrician's Scorn to swing big.

That's pretty much it!

[deck=big mess]

1* Izzet Chronarch
1* Platinum Angel
2* Transguild Courier
4* Utopia Mycon
4* Wall of Hope
2* Zur the Enchanter


1* Clearwater Goblet
4* Darksteel Ingot


1* Compulsion
2* Debtors' Knell
2* Genju of the Realm
4* Quiet Disrepair

Other Spells

4* Holy Day
4* Overrule
1* Coalition Victory
4* Supply // Demand


4* Vivid Crag
4* Vivid Creek
4* Vivid Meadow
4* Vivid Grove
4* Vivid Marsh[/deck]

This one is fun. I stall with Holy Day and Overrule until I draw a Supply/Demand, then search up Zur, swing with him and play Prismatic Omen. I search up Transguild courier if I haven't drawn him, coalition victory if I have, and then just wait until eight mana. It comes fast with the mycon out, and supply's ability to make tokens!