Some help with an Elf deck plz...

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I've been working on this elf deck for the longest time, but it appears to still need help, and I'm not all that familiar with shadowmoor stuffs (and I have a feeling it would help if I did). Here's my decklist, so feel free to post any suggestions.

23 forest
1 pendelhaven

4 essence warden
4 boreal druid
4 bramblewood paragon
4 wren's run vanquisher
4 elvish warrior
3 winnower patrol
2 imperious perfect

noncreature spells:
4 evolution charm
2 harmonize
1 garruk wildspeaker

4 luminescent rain
4 lys alana huntmaster
2 recross the paths
4 jagged-scar archers
1 wren's run vanquisher

If you have any advice, please share!