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I wanted to make a deck that could use Scion of Darkness, and then I though I could throw in Beacon of Unrest as well. So I made one along the lines of a MBC.

2x Scion of Darkness
4x Oona's Prowler
4x Augur of Skulls
4x Nantuko Shade
3x Graveborn Muse

4x Duress
4x Hymn to Tourach
2x Cranial Extraction
3x Rend Flesh
3x Beacon of Unrest
3x Night's Whisper
4x Dark Ritual

16 swamp
4x Polluted Delta
If you want to put more focus on the scion, you could use a Dark Supplicant, but you have to redo your list a bit.
I think you could swap Rend Flesh with some other kil-spell.
Cabal Coffers are great with the shades, but might not be needed. (except if you put in more high-cost spells other than beacon.

Yxoque wrote:
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Since you have Oona's Prowlers in there, how about Ink-Eyes instead of Scion? You could cut the Beacons down to 2 copies since your new "Scion" would be easier to cast for the most part (since you wouldn't require one of the few Beacons), and add some more creature control (like 2-3 Edicts). You top out your mana curve at 5, and have quite a few spells at 4. 20 land might not be enough, even with 4 Rituals. Consider a few Moxes for additional speed.
Nameless Inversion, Last Gasp, Sudden Spoiling/Sudden Death, and Devour in Shadow were my other spot removals i considered with Rend Flesh.

i could use 4 inversions or gasps, then use 2 rend flesh, add another muse and drop the whispers perhaps.
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