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I run an R/G land-destruction deck that relies on accel into a secondturn defacto 'rain and follow up with 3cc or 4cc beats.

The deck list

lands: 20
a mix of forests and mountains
4x stomping ground
4x wooded foothills

creatures: 24
4x birds of paradise
4x llanowar elves
4x tarmogoyf
4x boggart ram-gang
4x ohran viper
4x flametongue kavu

other spells: 16
4x rancor
4x tarfire (will be lightning bolt eventually.
4x stone rain
4x molten rain

I run alternatives to the LD in my sb for the aggro matchup ('clasm and sulphur elemental)

My question is whether to replace ohran viper with countryside crusher.? Its bigger (potentially much bigger and protects against manaflood. Viper with rancor is great, but viper without rancor feels rather lacking.

Also: Is 8 accel-dudes to many, even with rancor?
Why is accell even in the deck, you aren't accellerating into anything big, admittedly yes a turn 2 ram gang is really powerful, but other than that you don't have anything to accelerate into so your mana dudes will just sit and do nothing for half the game. I would cut them for some more aggro. Tattermunge Maniac seems like it should fit the bill.

As is, the crusher is probably better for your deck.
Hi bard. thx for the input

I have included the 8 accelerators in order to have a good chance of a second turn 'rain or ram-gang. Thanks to rancor those birds can be surprisingly dangerous when their accelerator-time is up.. Still I might consider replacing them with aggressive one drops.

In that case I would probably run kird ape and either skyshroud elite or wild dogs over the maniac though...
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