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I've been thinking about this for awhile and what to find out what other cards I need.

x4 Grimoire Thief
x4 Brain Freeze
x4 Jester's Scepter
x4 Counterspell
x4 Brainstorm
x4 Merchant Scroll
x4 Freed From the Real
x4 Paradise Mantle
x2 Forced Fruition

x20 Islands

...this is going to cost me a pretty penny, but I'm not going to go out and buy FoW or anything.

Help anyone?
For decks that I would like help with: I would like to have discussions about card choices so almost all the cards aren't final. Usually I want to stick to the original deck idea unless it really sucks or something else.
Forced Fruition

It isn't so much about removing cards like the others but if their hand is overloaded then they'll be forced to discard quite a bit.
Well, in the event you don't want this to look like an aggro deck based on grimoire thief, you could throw in a few drowner of secrets, merrow witsniper, ink dissolver, and memory sluice. It could help, especially if you use merrow commerce. There are a lot of merfolk cards based on milling and deck removal. Try it out.
maybe try some other merfolk cards like drowner of secrets and merrow witsniper, in combo with merrow commerce. If you want, you could also try a few memory sluices to help, too.

Edit: sorry for the practical repeat.
Merchant Scroll doesn't find a combo piece. You're not going to want a tutor for a non-combo piece if you're devoting a whole 12 slots to it. You're going to find Forced Fruition pretty useless as well, since you'd rather have cards that help you find combo pieces (Muddle the Mixture, to name an excellent tutor). Finally, what about a Merfolk subtheme (Drowner of Secrets)? Or just more counters? Brain Freeze seems out of place in here, since you're most likely not going to win with it without a lot of Storm-enablers, so you could replace it with some more card draw.
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