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I was looking to build a Scryb and Force type deck that’s Standard legal. I thought I opt for green with a light splash of blue to give a bit of control.

We have the namesakes, Scryb Ranger and Spectral Force but what else to include?

I thought some countermagic (Rune Snag and maybe Delay), Psionic Blasts and Flying Men would all be useful.

Piracy Charm may be weak. I thought it could take out the opponents 1/1s or else let me islandwalk into them, versus all those faeries decks. The seal deals with Bitterblossom. There's some countermagic, and a few creatures.

Some equipment would really help out the samller fliers get in some more damage although I'm trying to use Pendelhaven to inflate my 1/1s to increase damage. Might not work so well. Any thoughts on using equipment or will Pendelhaven work?


-4 birds of paradise
-2 Piracy Charm
+4 Llanowar Elves
+2 Mystic Snake

[deck=Scryb & Force]
18 critters:
4*Llanowar Elves
4*Flying Men
4*Scryb Ranger
2*Mystic Snake
4*Spectral Force

7 counters:
4*Rune Snag

11 other:
4*Psionic Blast
3*Seal of Primordium
2*Evolution Charm
2*Piracy Charm

25 lands:
4*Yavimaya Coast
2*Faerie Conclave
3*Treetop Village
Mist Dragon art by Al Davidson
No comments? Surely someone has helpful tips and suggestions to improve my less than ideal build of an outdated, rather slow deck.

Mist Dragon art by Al Davidson
4x Mystic Snakes?
4x BOP?
You don't need to maindeck the seal of Primordium.
Birds might be nice. If I use birds in place of Llanowar than I'll drop the number of Pendelhavens down since I won't get as much mileage out of them. They aren't working as well as anticipated. I've also noticed the charms haven't been as great as I thought they'd be.

Some buffing spells might be nice, I'll try Stonewood Invocation.

Finally, while I initially thought UU might be hard to pull off in the casting cost, Mystic Snakes is the only real counterspell the deck has and I agree with twelveoclock to up the count to four.

Mist Dragon art by Al Davidson
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