Withering Warriors

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This deck is designed as a mix for 1v1 or FFA. The basic theme is all creatures are warrior type and for the wither mechanic to be abused if possible. The deck starts with the wither warriors to beatdown while they grow bigger with each equipment coming into play. Bloodshot Trainee with Obsidian Battle-Axe is to help pick off annoying creatures. The ultimate goal of the deck is to get Rage Reflection, Everlasting Torment, and as many Flourishing Defenses into play. Beseech the Queen helps with that.

Any ideas or suggestions to make the deck run more smoothly? I would like to avoid putting any vintage or restricted cards into this one.

Thanks for any input.
Tatterkite is indestructible with torment out, even if it's not a warrior.

Diabolic tutor is probably better than beseech the queen, since there are no restrictions on what you can find, and your opponent won't know what card you got. (Although in a deck of 4-ofs, there isn't a lot you gain from running tutors.)

Polluted Delta, or other fetch lands, help you smooth over any mana problems.

Bramblewood paragon makes all you warriors more powerful.

Wort, boggart auntie an/or imperious perfect can help make the deck more resistant in a long game.
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