Mono-Blue Control 9/6 Lifelink Spire Golem.

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I've playing with this deck a since mirrodin appeared, It has gone thriugh a lot of versions.

This is the one I am currently using to get my friends in troubles every sunday. They really hate it.


3 Spire Golem
3 Voltaic Construct
2 Vedalken engineer


3 Cloudpost
16 Island

Other Spells

1 Extraplanar Lens

2 Concentrate
2 Counsel Of The Soratami
1 Coastal Piracy

2 Merchant Scroll
2 Fabricate

4 Condescend
4 Mana Leak
2 Hinder
2 Remove soul
2 Cancel

3 Aether spellbomb
3 Unsummon
2 Vulshok gauntlets
2 Welding Jar
1 Umezawa's Jiite
2 Loxodon warhammer
1 Spellbook

I have some other things I sometimes use like Acquire, Bribery, Zur's Weirding (Which is one of my favorites choices for this deck), Ninja of the deep hours and Fireshrieker.
I sometimes add more card drawing.

The winning condition: 1 Spire, 1 voltaic and 1 vedalken in play, spire equipped with gauntlets and warhammer, it attacks. Next turn tap vedalken, pay for voltaic ability, rinse and repeat. This leaves my mana sources free to play counters and bounce spells.

Most of the times I acquire this since I have stuff enough to keep the board "clean" or to "block and bouce" my creatures and to get what I need to my hand. Evacuation is good sometimes, Spire golems affinity helps a lot.

I'd like to see some variants of this deck, since I am not updated with cards after Ravnica.

It does not matter if I have to add some money to the deck but, definitely, I'd like to keep it blue.

Any suggestions?

If you want to dig through the deck you can get rid of the the Counsel of the Soratami and add in Mask of Memory in its place.

Also use 4 Cloudposts if you use them at all.

And for another trick, replace all your regular Islands with Snow-covered Islands if you use the Extraplanar Lens. The chance your opponent is also using snow-covered islands over regular islands is low.

Your win-condition also sounds needlessly convoluted. Get rid of the Vulshok Gauntlets, throw in Fireshriekers, double-strike will be so much better than 4 extra power when it comes to the combat phase. And if you really want to capitalize on power, throw in some Cranial Platings. Put in a 4th Spire Golem in place of one Voltaic Construct. The golem is the star, not the construct.

If you really want to focus on the affinity use 4 Seat of the Synod in place of 4 of the islands, they are only banned in Mirrodin Block format.

For a final touch I would try to fit in 4 Fabricates for an almost all-purpose fetch in this deck.