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Here's a fun and casual prototype decklist for artifacts; specifically affinity. I want it to be really fast because my buddies all play standard aggro, and hopefully bring out a Qumulox or broodstar turn 3 and start swinging for some serious damage. I wasn't sure if the affinity counter spell assert authority fit the deck since its more bringing out artifacts rather than control. I posted it in another forum, and genesis chamber, skullclamp, and broodstar were highly suggested and would seem to help alot. So here it is:

14 Seat of the Synod
6 Ancient Den

4 Frogmite
3 Ornithopter
2 Broodstar
2 Qumulox
4 Leonin Elder
2 Lodestone Myr
3 Myr Servitor
2 Myr Enforcers

3 Welding Jar
4 Aether Vial
3 Skullclamp
3 Thoughtcast
4 Genesis Chamber
1 Cranial Plating

I didn't know whether I should lean toward leonin elder or disciple of the vault (gain life vs opponent lose life). As always, thoughts and suggestions welcome.
[noparse]Island[/noparse] = Island
makes it easier for others

I would say lean towards the disciple because that helps you win faster while the elder just gains you life...

I would say out with the chamber and add more clamp, thoughtcast, plating, ornithopter

also check out the arcbound

the artifact lands aren't basic lands so the max you can have of one is 4
For decks that I would like help with: I would like to have discussions about card choices so almost all the cards aren't final. Usually I want to stick to the original deck idea unless it really sucks or something else.
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