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This is my first post, so please excuse any mix-ups.

I'm looking to improve on a budget Lorwyn Block shaman deck. This deck is goblin/treefolk and shaman/rogue.

The idea is to abuse the Thornbite Staff combo while defending with fat treefolk.

I wanted to use sacrifice as an untap mechanism, so I included Fodder Launch, Prickly Boggart, and Marsh Flitter.

This gave me the idea to include rogues and rogue spells as an alternate win strategy. I'm thinking of adding the following (in yet to be determined proportions):

Frogtosser Banneret, Squeaking Pie Sneak, Prickly Boggart, Marsh Flitter, Morsel Theft, Warren Wierding and Cloak and Dagger

Additional Concerns:

More rogues would necessitate more swamps and Fendeep Summoner loves to turn swamps into what amount to indestructible 3/5 Treefolk barricades. Has anyone had succes using the Fendeep Summoner wall?

Does any of the above sound like a reasonable strategy, what can I do to improve it and what could I do differently that would be better?

Many thanks
I would just avoid the rogue elements.
Go with more copies of your key shamans.

Also, can you get older cards, more cards, because if you can't then we really can't help you.

I am not writing this to be impolite but there has been a recent influx of people who wants to improve precons but don't happen to have any cards or any ways of getting them.

So whats your budget? What kind of cards can you get access too? Do you have format restrictions?
I...there has been a recent influx of people who wants to improve precons but don't happen to have any cards or any ways of getting them.

This isn't one of those people--that's not the Shamanism precon.

Random: I'm no expert. My RG Shaman deck hasn't yet had its first live test. But it fishes well against my warriors deck and loses respectably (goldfishing) against my kithkin.

Here's the deck:

Obviously, this deck has a weak mana-curve and is not standard. The canopies are for dealing with flyers (as is firespout).

For your deck, I think that Carny is right and you need to pick either shamans or rogues. Most of your goblins are rogues rather than shamans, but you don't have the killer rogues: Stinkdrinker Bandit, Earwig Squad, some of the faeries.

You also don't have the killer goblin shamans: Weirding Shaman and Sensation Gorger.

If I were you, I think I'd consider B/R shamans, using the summoner and the nastier gobbos. That gives you a chance to use black's removal, always a plus. Either way, you are going to have to get additional cards to make it coherent.

I think Leaf-crowned elder is a must. The others are right you should stick to either shamans or rogues, they don't overlap much. You don't have many, real, treefolk, the harbinger is kinda pointless, I know you probably have it for an early defense but I think there are probably better cheap goblins you can put in, it's not even a shaman either. I don't see how the manlands fendeep summoner makes are indestructible, you don't have timber protector. Woodfall Primus could be a good finisher. You should put in Rage forgers they will help especially if you have a few treefolk, they can for the most part attack without fear of dying, even if their attacks won't go through.if you're using sacrifice to your advantage you should add a few Knucklebone witchs in.
Thanks to all for the advise.

I think that I need to focus on either a shaman theme or a Thornbite Staff theme. The staff was the original idea behind this deck so I'll stick with that.

Here's a rough sketch of the deck:

8 x Swamp
8 x Mountain
4 x Terramorphic Expanse

4 x Thornbite Staff
3 x Thousand-Year Elixer
3 x Cloak and Dagger

4 x Lightning Crafter
4 x Moonglove Changeling
4 x Frogtosser Banneret
4 x Marsh Flitter

4 x Crimson Wisps
4 x Rift Bolt
4 x Disintegrate

My goal is to actually use the Lightning Crafter, not just offer him up for removal (which is what was happening). The wisps are nice for this, and I'm hoping to use Cloak and Dagger on the Lightning Crafter(for the shroud effect). I already know Cloak and Dagger can help Moonglove Changeling(Staff and Cloak auto-equip)

Should I have more removal?
Should I use Incinerate rather than Disintegrate?
Any other ideas?
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