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I looked through the golgari and other GB cards and came up with an idea of a semi dredge deck that didn't actually use the dredge mechanic at all. That and really expensive cards are about the only restrictions I would have for the deck.
I haven't tested it at all and don't even have some of the cards yet, I kind of just put it together, so any advice/criticism/ideas or anything really would be helpful

4* Gilt-Leaf Palace
4* Llanowar Wastes
4* Golgari Rot Farm
9* Forest

3* Golgari Rotwurm
4* Savra, Queen of the Golgari
2* Devouring Strossus
2* Gleancrawler
4* Nether Traitor
4* Bile Urchin
4* Urborg Elf
4* Urborg Skeleton

4* Golgari Germination

4* Victimize
4* Dark Ritual

The deck is just for casual play with friends. Theres not 1 really solid strategy for it except to sac and bring back creatures again and again to trigger different abilities or pay for different things. the win cons include savra, gleancrawler, devouring strossus, golgari germination, and golgari rotwurm.

I realize that I need more lands, but I didn't know what I should remove, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
I have a Golgari deck that I've been using too, so I'll tell you what I've been using/playing:

Nezumi Bone-Reader-It's a nice turn two drop that can sac creatures to trigger Savra, all while making the opponent discard something.

Dimir House Guard-This can tutor for Savra, or you can play it and smash face with Fear. Also is a sacrifice outlet.

Grave-Shell Scarab-Just a really useful card.

A few other cards to note:

Night's Whisper-Allows card drawing.

Scarscale Ritual-Same as above

I also like the card Shambling Shell, even though you said you don't like Dredge, it combos nice with Savra, and can be continually gotten back.
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didn't realize i forgot to put swamps, not to mention i think i have too many cards. any suggestions?
I've liked Bloodbond March since I saw someone use it to great effect in a deck. It also makes those late game little creatures more significant. (Also make sure you use something like leyline of the void so you opponent doesn't get all their creatures back too.)

-Basal sliver / darkheart sliver + more slivers if you want
-blood pet
-The Rock and his minions
-The pebble and his

Overgrown tomb and the fetchlands may be too expensive, but I'll mention them anyways. A single urborg wouldn't hurt. (they will be much cheaper in about 6 months once time spiral rotates from standard)

I will also echo the Dimir House Guard comment from above.
i agree about the urborg land, and ive already added dimir house guard.

I guess if it helps at all, the deck isn't supposed to be fantastic(just casual), but is supposed to be a very fun deck to play. Once it gets going, turns for me can take up to 5 minutes with all of the sacking and regen going on.

2 things im not too sure of is if i need the devouring strossus, and how to speed it up a little becuase it seems like it doesn't really get rolling until turn 5 or 6 at the earliest, even with the urborg elves and dark rituals
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