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Looking for more in the 20-40 range or at lease mature. Game to be DMed by me on a day to be decided, looking for extra 3-6 people. Will be playing 4E on it's starting soon after it is relesed.

Will be played in my home on douglas ave, loots of room, 4'X8' game table in 1" grid.

PM me for more imformation.

PS I don't check this for messages so my response with emai may take a bit but I will respond.
still looking for more.
Have 4 or 5 right now looking for 1-2 more, we plan on playing on the day after 4th goes live Saturday June 7th and likely Sunday the 8th as well, it will be in 4th ed.

All mature players welcome.

PM me for details.
Are you still looking? My wife and I are interested in finding new games. I already DM two games and my wife DMs one, so we are only looking to play.
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