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There have been a lot of decks in this forum recently that use cards from the M10 set in addition to Block legal cards. This forum is only for block legal decks and M10 is not block legal. A block is made up of 3 or 4 sets. A list of the blocks and the sets contained in them can be found here. Core sets such as 10th edition or M10 are never part of block.

Most of the decks here will be Zendikar Block- the most recent block. Zendikar contains the following sets:
Rise of the Eldrazi (Currently unreleased)

A Gatherer search for all the cards in Zendikar Block. Decks from other blocks are welcome in this forum, provided all the cards are in a single block. I would recommend noting in your thread title that you are using a different block to the current block.

Some of the older blocks have banned cards, which are shown on the above link If your deck is not legal in a block, it should be posted in a different deck legality forum or, more likely, the casual forum. Thanks for reading.

EDIT: Updated for Zendikar
57092228 wrote:
It is not logic: it's Magic.

Yes, thank you Studoku for making this. There have been far too many.

I would also like to give a LINK that lists what expansions/core sets are legal in all formats. This also happens to be a link in the fine print under each forum section title.
Updated to add info about blocks other than Alara Block.

Esprel, thanks for the link.
57092228 wrote:
It is not logic: it's Magic.

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