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Walk Among the Fey:

Paragon Tier
Prerequisite: 11th level, bard
Benefit: Whenever you use a power that slides a creature, you can teleport that creature an equal number of squares instead. Where you teleport the creature remains subject to any restrictions on the original slide.


the subject matter of this feat came to light for a particulare skald/warlock hybrid a friend of mine posed. the obvious rulings imo is that if a creature is physically restrained the restraint ends. magical it remains.


the one we are not so clear on is. if the move or slide origionally would have to move through an enemy square then even though it is a teleport it could not. due to the line "any restrictions on the origional slide". since the origional slide could not move through the enemy square to the final destination it could not either.


i would like others opinion on the feat. if not an official ruleing as wizards is currently very busy.

WRT Restrained, physical vs magical doesn't matter, only whether the target is now out of reach / out of the area of whatever caused the Restrained condition. As for original restrictions, that refers to things like "....to a space adjacent to such-and-such" or other similar conditions about how the target must be moved.

If it's Restrained (the mechanical condition) you can't slide it, so this just doesn't work.


If it's restrained (Immobilised, the mechanical condition), then it does - and at our table we usually rule that attacks vs. reflex and AC that Immobilise generally fall off if you slide or teleport, attacks vs Fort and Will generally stay with you.  But we generally rule them on a case-by-case basis anyway, depending on the flavour of the thing that's happening.  There's no RAW, I don't think, about whether conditions are removed by movement, with the exception of grabs which end if the grabber and grabbee are more than the grabbing attack's reach apart.

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