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So I was all set to start playing with a Dragonborn Warlord when I discovered PHB2 and the return of both the Gnome and the Bard. I am just not confident that I have done the character sheet well, and there isn't a lot of stuff online that's overly helpful. You midn casting a bleary eye over this?



Level 2 Gnome Bard

Good alignment

Cunning Bard


STR 15 mod +2

CON 18 mod +4

DEX 12 mod +2

INT 18 mod +4

WIS 11

CHA 18 mod +2


AC 15


REF 16



Acrobatics 3

Aracana 12

Athletics 3

Bluff 10

Diplomacy 10

Dungeoneering 1

Endurance 5

Heal 6

History 10

insight 6

Intimidate 3

Nature 1

Perception 1

Religion 5

Stealth 5

Streetwise 3

Thievery 3



Guiding Strike, Misdirected Mark, vicious Mockery, Blunder, Hunter's Tune, Stirring Shout



Arcane Prodigy

Ritual Caster 

Advantage of Cunning



Bardic Training

Virtue Cunning

Majestic Word

Words of Friendship

Multi-Class Versatility

Skill Versatility

Song of Rest

Master Trickster

Reactive Stealth

Trickster's Cunning

Fade Away


Carrying a Harp, Ritual Book, Spell Book, Adventurer's Kit, a Short Sword and a Dagger; and wearing leather armor

AC should be 17 (4 int, 1 level, 2 armor).


You appear to have one too many skills trained (Arcana, Bluff, Diplomacy, Heal, History, Insight is 6 skills). Also, recheck your skill bonuses. Athletics should be 4, Dungeoneering 2, Endurance 6, Intimidate 6, Nature 2, Perception 2, Religion 6, Streetwise 6.

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