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I am playing a Lazy Warlord who uses Commanders strike a lot.  When I use this power it lets one of my allies make a basic melee attack and they get to add my intelliegence modifier to the damage.  I just turned level 11 and I was looking at the power overwhelming force trap.  It is an interupt I could use when an allie makes a basic melee attack and lets them use an at will attack power intstead.  So my question is this.  Say I use Commanders strike to let the Barbarian in my party do a basic melee attack.  That meets the trigger to use overwhelming force trap so could I then use that power to let him use howling strike instead and would he still get to add my intelligence modifier damage from commanders strike or would that be lost and he would only howling strike.  My gut tells me he would not get to add my intelligence modifier to the damage roll but I am not 100% certain.  If he can't I will probably pick a different power.



You can't take IAs on your own turn, so this wont work anyway.

Okay I didn't know that.  Thanks for the reply.  I will choose a different power.

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