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I became blinded in a game which left me with most of my actions useless. However a maneuver didn't need for my character to see AFA-DM&-IK. The action benefited other players and it was advantageous for me to take it 1st in line. The DM tried to explain something about accomplishing 1st in order but it made no sense to me ; either he was speaking past my point (not adressing it as it was obvious), I was slow ATM or he was wrong. I've just looked at some pages about delaying and can't figure it out. The trigger would be: as soon as the next turn begin, before the player currently first in the (initiative) order or anything which would allow the mass action of my character (ie: burst) to benefit as many players as possible.


How can a player take an action 1st in order? For something to be done before all other players in a turn.


Thank you kindly

Look up Ready an Action in the rulebook.

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Taking action before all other player:

gwydion9 wrote:

Can I ready an action to trigger from a non-action trigger, like making a saving throw or beginning a turn?


Board consensus seems to be that a trigger should be an observable event.  That is, it should be something characters in the game could plausibly perceive.  That would rule out beginning or ending a turn, [...]


Would then

DynV wrote:

[...] The trigger would be: [...] before the player currently first in the (initiative) order [...]

function to have my character act before all other players in a turn?


Delaying sounds like exactly what you are looking for.  Essentially, you skip your current turn in order to take your next turn after (or before) whichever player or monster you like. Triggers and readying don't need to be used.



It's really the other players who have to let you go first:  they 'Delay' until after your turn.



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