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I am a DM that runs an adventure every week with my group. One player, whose character is a level 21 Shardmind Psion(Shard DIsciple paragon path, Godmind epic destiny), inquired whether or not he could animate a pile of dormant Shardmind matter we had discovered in a dungeon.  


In case you don;t know, dormant Shardmind matter is, according to Shardmind philosophy, a pile of the same crystal the Shardminds are constructed of, ready to be awakened when another Shardmind dies.


The player wanted to know if he could animate the dormant crystal to create a "Shardmind horse." He said he wanted to transfer the mind of his existing, living horse into the crystal, and pretty much create a horse construct, with the same capabilities and limits as a normal riding horse. The only changes he wanted to make were the Living Construct feature of the Shardmind(no need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep)plus the ability to control his horse telepathically—besides that, it was just symbolic. He said that he knew the horse's mind would have difficulties with holding the body together, so he could instead form the body with his own mind and then give the horse mind control over the movement.


This was a complex and new idea, pehaps the most interesting presented to me as a DM, so I thought that I would check here, to see if anyone had any advice as to whether or not this could be acheived, and how one would go about doing it.

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Nothing in the rules explicitly allows for the creation of a horse-like shardmind creature that is just like a horse except that it's has the living construct property.  It seems harmless enough, though, so if your player would have fun with it, I suggest finding some way to make it happen.  Make it a plot hook or quest goal or something like that; use his desire to further the group's fun.

The characters are level 21, so having a horse that can be summoned at will and doesn't require food, water or sleep, but is otherwise a normal horse is far from broken. This isn't covered anywhere in the rules, but certainly falls within the "rule of cool." I don't see any harm in allowing it.

Throw them a Saddle of the Dreadmare and refluff it.  Done.  It's a touch high-level for them at the moment, but meh.

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