Warlock's and Shapeshifters

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So this came up in a recent session, and I have no idea how to answer this problem or where to start looking. We had a warlock, and we were fighting a custom monster that was capable of shapeshifting into the form of other PC's. It would grab a PC, then the monster and the PC would teleport, and when they reappeared POOF! Two PC's. You know, to confuse them and maybe make them hit each other if they have bad perception rolls.


The question was this: can the Warlock tell which is the PC and which is the shape-shifted monster if the monster had been cursed? If not, how does the Warlock's curse work if the player has no knowledge of whether the defending creature is the cursed creature or not?


Similarly, how does the curse operate when a creature turns invisible? I assume the Warlock can't use the curse to locate an invisible creature...


Sorry if this question has already been asked, but it seemed like the kind of thing that doesn't come up often.

I don't think it's explicitly stated anywhere, but it's heavily implied that the warlock automatically knows if a target is cursed by him. This is because of all the things that require a warlock to know if a target is cursed before using them. It doesn't help in locating a HIDDEN target, but everyone automatically knows where an INVISIBLE target is unless it has also succeeded on a stealth check to hide.

Works for me. Thanks for the help!

With the shapeshifting monster, it should probably have an Immediate Interrupt power that causes their opponent to target the creature they are duplicating instead of them. That, IMHO, would be the simplest solution.


I agree with Jay regarding the invisible situation.