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If you enhanced an implement—say, a staff—and channeled an attack power through it, would the enhancement apply to the power?





 My staff is enhanced with Magic Staff, the staff enchancement found on page 241 of the PHB. I play an attack power through the staff. Does the +1 to attack/damage rolls apply to the power?  


If so—does it work for melee attacks using the staff as well?


Sorry, my grasp on staff enhancements an what type of attacks they afect is a little confusing for me, as I am a new DnD player.



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Yes, that's specifically the reason you get enchantments on your weapons and implements.


If the power you are using has the Implement keyword, then you get to apply the enhancement bonus of the implement you are using for the power to both the attack and damage rolls.  Note, if the power does static damage and does not include a roll (Ex: "6 points of damage" or "Charisma modifier damage"), then you do not get to add the enhacement bonus because it only applies to damage rolls. There may be a case where the power specifically says the enhancement bonus still applies, in which case that specific rule trumps the general rule.  In all cases, as long as the initial attack did some damage (with or without a roll), you can use the enchanted implement's critical dice on a critical hit

      You must be proficient in the type of implement you are using, so for example, a  Warlock can use a Rod or a Wand, but not a Staff.   A Wizard can use a Wand, Staff, Orb or Tome, but not a Rod.  You do not need an implement to use an implement power, but then of course you don't have the bonuses from using one (including enhancement bonus, feat bonuses, etc)


 If the power you are using has the Weapon keyword, then you can use any weapon for it, and you get the apply the enhancement bonus of the weapon to the attack and damage rolls.  Additionally, if you are proficient with the weapon, you get to add its proficiency bonus (typically +2 or +3) to the attack roll.   The same rules about needing a damage roll to add the enhancement apply here as well.


 In some cases, such as the Staff, a single object may be both a Weapon and an Implement.  Other examples come from specific classes, such as the Swordmage using blades as implements, Sorcerers using daggers, and some weapons have specific enchantments that say they may be used as a type of implement.  You may commonly see these refered to as weapliments in the forums.

   It works the same as described above, just note that the weapon's proficiency bonus does not apply to implement attacks made through the weapliment.


  The Rules Compendium has the most complete explanation of this scenario on page 275

Weapons as Implements and Vice Versa

Some adventurers have the ability to use a weapon as an implement or an implement as a weapon, and some magic items grant this ability. For example, the holy avenger weapon can be used as a holy symbol, which is a type of implement. The following rules govern such uses.
    Using a Weapon as an Implement: If an adventurer is able to use a weapon as an implement, the weapon works like a normal implement, but the adventurer uses neither the weapon’s proficiency bonus nor its nonmagical weapon properties with his or her implement powers. For example, if a weapon has the high crit property, that property does not work with implement powers if the weapon can be used as an implement.
    When an adventurer uses a magic version of the weapon as an implement, he or she can use the magic weapon’s enhancement bonus, critical hit effects, properties, and powers. However, some magic weapons have properties and powers that work only with weapon powers. Also, a weapon’s range and damage dice are usually irrelevant to an implement power, since such a power has its own range and damage expression.
    Using an Implement as a Weapon: Most implements cannot be used as weapons, but a few, such as staffs, are expressly usable as both implements and weapons. When an adventurer wields such an implement as a weapon, follow the normal rules for using a weapon.
    When an adventurer uses a magic version of the implement as a weapon, he or she can use the magic implement’s enhancement bonus and critical hit effects. To use the implement’s properties and powers, the adventurer must have proficiency with the implement. Also, some magic implements have properties and powers that work only with implement powers.

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