Grabbing. An attack? Keywords?

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Unfortunately, as grabbing is not structured like a normal power, there are some grab mysteries when attempting to suss out exactly how it interacts with different things.


Firstly, is a grab an attack?

Secondly, does CA apply to grabs?

Thirdly, if I grab with a garrote (which deals 1[W] damage on a success) can I apply sneak attack damage? (assuming I have the Garrote Training feat.)

Fourth, if I'm grabbing with a weapon, can I apply the proficiency bonus? (Note: The grab entry says you must have a free hand to grab, a garrote is a 2H weapon.)

  1. Yes.  See page 243 of the Rules Compendium.
  2. Yes, because of the answer to #1.
  3. Yes, assuming you have the (non-hybrid) sneak attack feature.
  4. No.

Worth noting, the above all apply specifically to the Grab action.


If you're grabbing with something else (E.g. grappling strike) entirely different answers may apply.

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