Lycanthropes themes vs Claw Gloves item

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Hello guys, I'm having some questions about one possible combo.


One of my players will be playing tomorrow a Werebear warden using the rules from ''howl at the moon'' for the lycanthropes themes.


I saw the theme, it gives the player a beast form and it becomes hybrid (meaning he can be a man-bear not pig, sorry) at lvl 10. The player bought with his starting gold Claw Gloves (+1d10 dmg on melee attacks in beast form against ennemies that grants you combat advantage). 

I'm thinking it's strong, really strong but it could be worse with a wererat rogue IMO lol. 

So, just asking you guys, ''is all of this legal'' ??

General consensus is yes.  Depending on his class, and how you real the +1d10 damage for things which don't have damage rolls, it's probably fine.  He's spending his hands slot and his theme to do it, after all.

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I agree, thanks for your answer.