''Elemental'' weapons vs implement.

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Hello guys, I'm wondering, if for example, a swordmage gets a lightning weapon, who can do lightning damage with free actions, when he uses the ''weapon''. 
One of my player asked me if a swordmage could change the damage of his implement spells like he could do with his weapon powers. 


To be honest, I think by RAW it's not supposed to go that way, but if you guys have rules to refer me to, I would gladly hear you out.

The rules are in the item and implement themselves. With the lightning weapon active, all damage dealt by it is lightning. When using the weapon as an implement, the weapon is still dealing damage, therefore all damage dealt by it as an implement is also lightning.

See also Weapons as Implements and Vice Versa, Rules Compendium 275.  It works just fine.


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