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Quick question regarding what constitutes dealing damage - does an attack "deal" damage when it's not part of the initial damage instance on the hit? I'm thinking of blazing starfall in particular, which does radiant damage initially, but fire damage if the caster is a cosmic sorc and an enemy leaves the zone. It's got both keywords, but doesn't do the damage at the same time. I'm asking because of the wording of the Essence Mage lvl. 11 paragon path feature Energy Essence:

If you hit with an arcane attack power that deals more than one type of damage, you deal 1d6 extra damage.

Since blazing starfall deals two types of damage, does it get the bonus? Or does "dealing" damage refer specifically to the upfront damage that occurs directly on the hit?


Note: I did multiple searches in the new forums to try to answer this question myself, but the new search function is just...really, really bad.

Wow, good question. 

RAW, I would say it never deals the extra 1d6. Technically, the power never deals more than 1 type of damage in a single instance. It deals radiant damage. Then later, it deals fire damage. It never deals radiant AND fire damage (like some powers do). 

But if I were DMing my home game, I would totally allow it. PCs ought to get to use their benefits in ambiguous circumstances, I feel. 

The spell has both the radiant and fire keywords and although one kind of damage is dealt with a hit and the other kind of damage is dealt via a zone it certainly is two different damage types dealt by the spell.

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