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If I us an Immediate Interrupt like "living Shield" to redirect a melee attack to an ally adjacet to me but out of melee range of the enemy that hit me, what would happen.
The attack is invalidated.
are u saying I can't us "living Shield" because my ally is not in melee range of the enemy or when i redirect the attack, it does nothiing
No, I'm saying the attack is invalidated. As in the attack now does nothing. Zip, zilch, nada. The target of the attack is out of range.

Interrupts can invalidate their triggers. If they do, the triggering action is lost. It doesn't miss, because that has a definition of the attack roll+bonus being lower than a defense. It doesn't hit, because out of range. It is just invalidated. The attack ends up doing nothing. If the attack was an encounter power, the encounter power is expended, and did nothing. Etc.

Is that clear enough?
Actually, in the case of Living Shield, it says "the attack hits the ally instead of you."  Nothing about the attack targetting the ally.  So, there's no "range" involved.
If the power said that your ally becomes the target of the attack and your ally is out of range of the triggering attack, then the enemy's attack would be wasted. 
You can't hit something that is out of range or that you aren't targeting. Basic power rules. LoE and range are rolled in together, that way. And interrupts invalidate their triggers if the trigger is no longer legal, in this case the hit is no longer legal.
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