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I have a quick rules question I am looking to get some opinions on. It regards the Enhanced Invisibility feature of the Unseen Mage paragon path (from Arcane Power). Enhanced Invisibility allows a roll for a chance to extend the duration of any invisibility granted to you by an arcane power. This roll occurs at the end of that invisibility's duration. Most invisibility effects say they last until a set time (such as the end of your next turn) or until that character makes an attack roll. My question is as follows:

Would an invisibility effect that ended because the character made an attack roll trigger the Enhanced Invisibility feature (thus potentially allowing the attacking Unseen Mage to remain invisible after the attack)? In short, does attacking count as "the end of the invisibility's duration"?

I'm looking for opinions on both RAW and RAI here. Thank you.
I would say yes. The duration is generally something like ,"Until the end of your next turn, or until you make an attack."

Necrothread rise!  I have a related question.  If a power grants invisibility "until you make an attack roll" does this mean concealment, and hence CA, go away before the attack hits?  Suppose I am turning visible as I make my attack roll, could an enemy with an "immediate interrupt: when targeted" attack use his power against me, or did he become "targeted" before I made my attack roll?  I have to ask because some powers in the Unseen Mage PP say targets stay invisible "until they hit or miss with an attack" and I'm not sure what the importance of the distinction is.

Sounds to me like you are still invisible when you target them, and during the attack. But not when the damage is dealt. Since CA is calculated at the time you make the attack you still get its benefit (such as backstab), but if the enemy has an effect that triggers when they take (or would take) damage, you are now visible to them for that triggered event.
Major thread necromancy here...

A player in our group has taken the Unseen Mage paragon path, and now I too am wondering about whether attacking while invisible constitutes "duration" for the purposes of Enhanced Invisibility?

My gut says "no" bit I'd like to get clarity on the rules. How have other DMs ruled this?