Death penalties stacking?

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Apologies if this has been answered before, but search didn't give me any results.

As per topic, I was wondering what happens if you die again (and you get back to life) whilst you are still working on the three Milestones to get rid of the death penalty.

Will you actually get -2 on all roll until you manage to clear the required milestones (maybe lessening the penalty in advance if you died the second time after completing some of them)? Or the penalty stay at -1 and the milestones needed go back to three?

Thanks in advance
Hmmm, that's a toughy. I know that penalties from the same power don't stack. Even if it is 5 different people using the power, but Raise Dead is a ritual. In the spirit of the same power rule I would say that the penalty would stay at -1, but the milestones would be reset to three.
I don't know of an official answer. But I recommend against making it stack.

This player has already had his character die twice. He's probably not in the greatest of moods. Making the penalties worse is kind of kicking him while he's down.
The Bruce Campbell of D&D.
Thanks for the answers, unless there was something "official" from the rules (that I didn't find anywhere), my idea was to stick with the milestones reset and no penalty stacking. You guys confirmed this direction
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