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Hello, my name is Chad and I'm new. Now on to the question: Do you gain additional hit points when you improve your constitution throughout leveling?

Here's my example: I was using the Character Builder to build a level 1 Human Rogue (12 HP) with a 16 Constitution (28 HP) and Toughness (33 HP). I then proceeded to level him to 30 (188 HP) which naturally improved his Constitution by 2 which then increased his HP to 190. I'm of the belief that he should not have gained the two extra hit points as he didn't start with an 18, but a 16 Constitution. Thoughts?
This is on page 27 of the PHB.

4. Hit Points
Check your class description in Chapter 4 to see how
many hit points you gain with your new level. Add those
to your total. If you increased your Constitution score,
increase your hit points by 1 (as if you had your new
Constitution score when you were 1st level). Also, if you
increased your Constitution score to an even number,
increase your number of healing surges by one.

Beautiful, thank you.