Whispers of the edifice (arcane power)

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This spell has an incredibly small area of effect. Basically it is limited to either the size of the room or your level x4 in square feet, whichever is smaller.

A level 30 character would be able to read 120 square feet which is 4 squares and some change.

This seems to be unreasonably small to me. If it was something like 1 square per level I could understand that at least, but only 2 squares when you first get it at level 14 and only 4 squares at level 30?

I'd imagine that for many uses of this ritual you would be much better off with object reading.. which is 9 levels lower.
I don't think this is a rules question... this topic should probably go to the arcane power errata forum or the 4e Rituals, Equipment & Magic Items forum.
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