"Melee touch attack" in 4E?

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I thought "touch attacks" were gone in 4E, but the Sky Hunter excerpt from PH2 uses the phrase "melee touch attack" in one of it's powers. This is a typo, right? Or is it some rule I'm not yet aware of?
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A power with the range of: "Melee touch"
This is defined on page 56 of the PHB as: "A melee power that has a range of "touch" can be used against any target you can reach. (Some creatures larger than Medium size have a reach of more than 1 square.)"
Contrary to popular belief, melee touch powers in 4E do not necessarily have to be vs Reflex.

For the purpose of that power, if you are a medium creature and therefore turn into an eagle of medium size, your reach is 1 square.

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Crimson has it right; A touch attack in 4e is a power with the range of Melee Touch; which basically means any creature you can reach with an unarmed attack.
Thanks for the info, Crimson!

- Alane -
The answer you were looking for has been provided, but an aditional thought;

The concept of 3.5 melee touch attacks (and ranged touch attacks) still sort of exists, these are attacks vs reflex in 4e (which inherently ignore armour)

It'd be interesting to see feats or pp features that give bonuses to melee powers that target reflex.
From what ive read there is no longer any inherent benifit to Touch attacks any more. This is most evident in the monk. almost everything targets the ref or fort of a creature now. and items can now off set short falls to other defences other then AC. In older editions depending on the class you played you were always screwed on at least one of your saves. in 4th ed they pretty much made your class a moot point when it comes to defences. now i can be just about any class and with a good neck and just 1 or 2 feats i can match any other classes defences. Monk and pally use to be the kings of saves, not any more.
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