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When does Divine Challenge do its damage? Is it before or after the target attacks or does damage?
The way I read it, it is applied when the attack is made. Since damage for the attack is figured after success is determined thus after the attack. The Divine Challenge damage triggers off the attack not off the damage, so hit or miss the enemy takes the damage.
Ok, does that mean that the damage happens before the bad guy's attack hits and does damage?

Last week we had a situation where the Divine Challenged bad guy was at 2 hp, so the damage would have killed him. The way we played it was the attack hit wich damaged and knocked over the PC then the DC went off and killed the bad guy. Did we do it wrong? Should the DC of killed the bad guy before the PC was damaged and knocked over?
It only says something to the effect, IIRC, of the "first attack that does not target the Pally"...it could be argued that it happens when the targets are declared, even before attack rolls...though it does not state that it happens as an immediate interrupt so it can also be argued that it works after the attack is fully resolved...

I do not think the decision was wrong...
I think you played it right. After the attack the damage is applied but as it is not a interupt his damage still goes off as well. Its a Grenade type situation. Hes pulled the pin, if he dies it still blows.
I've ruled it happens after the attack takes place. Since it is automatic and takes place regardless of hit or miss, I wanted monsters to continue to have options.

So Instead of the monster's options being:
Attack Paladin or Die.

The options are:
Attack Paladin, or try and drop someone else before you die.

This allows my creatures to be Martyr's if they choose. :D

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