Quick Draw with Swordmage call weapon

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Not really sure about this one. Since the call weapon power is a standard action and normally drawing a weapon is a minor action.

So could quick draw make it to where you call the sword and be able to attack? Or would it maybe just change the call from standard to a minor action? (though im not really sure what sort of benifit that would be)
by RAW, you cannot do this.

However, improved swordbond turns the summon action into a minor action.

Still by RAW you cannot mix this with quick draw.

however, as a reasonable DM, I would allow it with both the quick draw, and improved sword bond feats.
Ya, I could see that. I only looked at the brief description of the improved weapon call and just saw the range increase. Dont think it would be overpowered in any way, other than a select few instances here and there. For flavor however, it would be rather cool to just have a weapon appear in your hand instead of drawing it.
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