Is there a list of every language in DnD and what commonly uses them?

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I know some of the generic ones but is there a complete list along with who uses them generally.
For which setting?

In my campaign setting, there are:

Common (also called Daniman, used by almost everyone)
Sylvan (Elvish language, and a fey language)
Vanyyr (High elvish, used exclusively by elves in the presence of elven nobility)
Khordain (Dwarvish language)
Noghakhi (Orcish language, a variant is used as a street-language)
Meccyran (Dragonborn language, instead of draconic, due to a different origin than standard)
Draconic (Dragon language, and used by magic-guilds as a sort of "Latin")
Morgalian (Old language used by the extinct country of Morgal, now used by descendants of Morgalians)
Abyssal (Demonic language, the use of which is outlawed within most countries)
Balacrucian (Language unique to the House of Balacrut, a ruling house in the Free Cities of Tarth)
Thesaran (Language used by the Thriss, a wolf-like tribal people, in addition to Common or Sylvan)

I know none of this is really useful to you, but just to illustrate that setting really makes a difference.

Standard Answer to all 5E rules questions: "Ask your DM."

Assuming 4th edition, there is a table on page 25 that summarizes it.

EDIT: There is also a bit of background on the languages in the DMG at around page 171.

Just note that Azers do not actually speak Dwarven. They were slaves so long they only speak giant now. I suppose free ones might have readopted Dwarven, but they would be altered from the MM entry.
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