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I have looked in other threads and haven't seen any clear answer just yet, so here is my question...

When I retrain, can I take two powers of the same level, Choosing to loose one of my level 1 encounter powers and retrain to get a second level 3 encounter power?
p28 of the PHB:

"Power: You can replace a power with another
power of the same type (at-will attack power, encounter
attack power, daily attack power, or utility power),
of the same level or lower, and from the same class—a
5th-level attack power for another 5th-level attack
power, for example, or a 22nd-level utility power for a
different 22nd-level utility power."

So, no. You can't retrain a 1st level encounter power with a 3rd level encounter power. You have to wait until you get to the point that you can replace lower level powers with higher level powers. For encounter powers that's at 13th level, dailies it's at 15th level, and utilities it's apparently never.
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