Exorcism of Steel, Disarm, what's it doing?

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Silly-ish question.
Fighter Encounter Power level 17 Exorcism of Steel allows you to disarm the enemy, and even catch their weapon if you have a free hand. As far as I've read there are no guidelines to what happens to a monster that's lost it's weapon or whether you do anything for weaponless monsters (if you can knock a slime prone can you disarm it too?).
Do they lose the ability to do their basic melee/ranged attack entirely until reclaimed?
Do their damage dice get dropped by a certain number of steps (as if their weapon had shrunk), or to the flat d4 of fists? How about attack roll?
Likewise if you catch the weapon, do you have that be a magic item and part of the treasure parcel budget or a mundane item discarded after it's over?

Probably most of these are DM fiat right now, but I'm making the thread to encourage some standard writing on this. Right now it's almost as if the game invented a new negative condition called Homesickness (Earthbound ftw) but never defined it. Anyone with sneak peaks at Martial Power know whether it gets touched on there?
Exorcism of Steel: "2[w] + Str modifier damage, and the target drops one weapon it is holding."

They didn't invent a "disarmed" condition; they said that the target drops a weapon it's holding. If the target is not holding a weapon (your slime, for instance), it can't drop one.

As far as what actions a disarmed monster could take, I'd say that in general, the creature can no longer use powers with the weapon keyword. They can use a basic attack, using the number next to their Strength score, and dealing 1d4+Str modifier damage. Use common sense, though: a marilith with six scimitars is unlikely to be seriously affected by losing one.

Finally, don't treat the dropped weapon as magical unless you have a good reason to do so (i.e., you already accounted for it as a treasure parcel). I often give one magic item to a semi-important NPCs, but only rarely place them in the hands of minor creatures.
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