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While working on a doppelganger PC, I got to thinking about the limitations of their polymorph power.

According to the rules they can mimic any "medium humanoid", so they could just as well be a 4'3", 160 pound dwarf as a 7'5", 350 pound minotaur. Considering that the race itself fits between 5'7" to 6' and 120 to 160 pounds, they're clearly adding and removing mass at whim when they shift. There's no "combined pool" from which they assign a certain amount of "resources" into height and weight - there's no tradeoff. They can be both tall AND heavy. But can they be both small and light-weight?

So here's the thing I was wondering about... they can't mimic small humanoids, but halflings for instance top at 4'2" - only an inch less than dwarves. Could a doppelganger therefore mimic a 4'3", 85 pound wannabe-halfling? I doubt anyone would notice the difference in height.

Or would you rule that the minimum weight for whatever form a doppelganger takes must be 120 pounds, the minimum for their race (the maximum being whatever is the heaviest medium humanoid around, could be something else than a minotaur)? It's probably not a coincidence that doppelgangers are the lightest medium humanoid in the MM and PHB (130 pounds is the next closest number) - it's as if the designers were saying "this is as low as you can go (weight-wise)".

With the latter ruling, a doppelganger could still mimic a 4'3", 120 pound wannabe-halfling... hey, it could happen. Don't the little guys like good food and fine wine? ;)

On a related note, there's absolutely nothing said about the polymorph power's limitations when it comes to "detailing". The text states that a doppelganger can mimic either a generic or unique individual, which suggest they can fine-tune various details to get their form "just right". But could they mimic a "unique individual" who was born with a deformation such as legs of a different length? Or a war-veteran who was missing an eye? An arm? Both arms and both legs? That WOULD still be a "medium humanoid" and most definitely a "unique individual".

So what if he mimiced a war veteran who used to weight 130 pounds but has since lost his arms and legs - in order to look exactly like him, he would have to drop his total weight well below 120 pounds, since those arms and legs do weight something and the war veteran no longer weights 130 pounds. If you allowed it, the above ruling of a "120 pound minimum" would be broken. If you didn't allow it, then he would look fatter than the "unique individual" he was mimicin, which would break the power itself - he would no longer be able to mimic any unique individual medium humanoid as he was promised. UNLESS you allowed him to become denser than normal, meaning that he'd look like 90 pounds or so while still tipping the scales at 120 pounds. But in that case he COULD look like a 4'3", 85 pound halfling - just that if someone put him on a scale he'd ring in 120 pounds.

But let's not stop there. The power does NOT replicate items such as clothing and weapons, nor does it "store" such items when a character morphs. If you want to look exactly like someone, you need to buy similar gear and clothing (or steal theirs). But what about tattoos? If you allow the doppelganger to mimic scars, then you're basically allowing the duplication of "scar tattoos" (I think some tribal folk do these), but what about the colors?

What if someone was transformed through magic and as a result had the body of a human and the head of a dragonborn (both natural, just that the way they got connected in the first place was magical)? Could the doppelganger mimic that particular "unique medium humanoid individual"?

Curious to hear your thoughts on these, as I'm guessing I'm not the first one to ask about such things (the search didn't find any topics about this, though, but perhaps these things have popped up on some other forum).
The limit is just so dopplegangers don't run around copying orges, dragons, pixies, and whatnot. Mass and whatnot isn't the reason they limited it as much as realm of things they could turn into.
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