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I'm a little confused about multi-classing at the Paragon level.

According to the PHB, you "can choose to continue to gain powers from [your multiclass] rather than take a paragon path". (Assuming you have the three multiclass feats from the heroic tier.) This allows you to swap in an at-will power and choose powers from the second class.

But in the recent 'Character Concept' article, where the guy built a fighter/wizard, he picked a Paragon Path (Wizard of the Spiral Tower, if I remember) but also had all the advantages of Paragon-level multiclassing.

Which is it? Is it one or the other? Or do you get both advantages?


Another question: is it possible to build a fighter/wizard with Wizard as the base class? Is there any use to the Student of the Sword feat?
Many peopel have pointed out that the character concepts article was an illegal build on many points. Check the CharOp boards for all the details.

Is it possible to build a fighter wizard with wizard as the base class? Of course it's possible. As for Student of the Sword. The use is int he eye of the beholder. CharOP board members may have a better take on that and it may be a better place to ask that question.
Sorry WOTC, you lost me with Essentials. So where I used to buy every book that came out, now I will be very choosy about what I buy. Can we just get back to real 4e? Check out the 4e Conversion Wiki. 1. Wizards fight dirty. They hit their enemies in the NADs. -- Dragon9 2. A barbarian hits people with his axe. A warlord hits people with his barbarian. 3. Boo-freakin'-hoo, ya light-slingin' finger-wigglers. -- MrCelcius in response to the Cleric's Healer's Lore nerf
He actually didn't pick it. If you read what he gets each level from 11-20, it never once mentions anything about WotST stuff. It was poorly worded as such, but I believe it was supposed to be another possible build you could have taken for the character concept.
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