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Wall of fog blocks line of sight, but only grants concealment to creatures in its space. So you can't see through it, but you can see into it somewhat. I guess that means that creatures in its space have no penalty for seeing out of it? Or is everything lightly obscured? What about other effects that block line of sight though? Stinking Cloud, Wall of Fire, Wall of Ice (Well, it may be a bit clearer since you can't stand in it anyway), Acid Storm, (and I notice that Cloudkill doesn't block line of sight like Stinking Cloud does) all block Line of Sight, and only Acid Storm states what creatures inside have (Total Concealment in this case.) So my question is, where and in what way do the wall like spells block line of sight? Is it impossible to see as long as you're standing within a Stinking Cloud, for example? Is it possible to stand in a Wall of Fog and fight from concealment with no penalty?


Maybe I should send these on for CSR?
I would say yes, concealment is concealment. The point of the power as you've said, is that it blocks LOS if you are on opposite sides. While within an affected square you have concealment but do not loose LOS. That to me means you can attack out of the wall, and enemies can attack into it but not through it.
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