Immediate actions during your turn?

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Under trigger action types it says in the PHB (page 268), about immediate actions.

You can't take an immediate action on your own turn.

Does this mean if a Halfling provokes an Opportunity Attack by it's movement and is hit it cannot use it's Second Chance Racial Power because this is an Immediate Interrupt action.

Similarly a fighter could not use No Opening, Unbreakable , Last Ditch Evasion or other Immediate actions if he triggered them because he was hit by an Opportunity Attack during his movement?

Similarly for other defensive Immediate powers triggered during your turn because of an opportunity attack by your opponent.
Other examples of powers effected by this rule our given by the recent Bazaar of the Bizarre article in Dragon

Impaling Weapon, Mind-Rending Weapon, and Rod of the Dragon’s Heart

All have triggers that are likely (in fact more likely) to occur during the players turn, but being immediate reactions, they cannot be used during the player's turn. Was this intentional? Are the powers of the Impaling Weapon and Mind-Reading Weapon intended only to be used by a player making an opportunity attack, a readied attack, Commander's Strike or the Fighter's Combat Challenge? Was Rod of the Dragon's Heart only intended to be used if an ally drops the target?

This seems an odd new use of the rule about immediate actions.
That's right kiddies, you can't protect yourself when you say "Go ahead, I'll give you a free swing."

You have the choice to not provoke, which is a 100% effective defense against opportunity attacks that occur on your turn. Should you choose to give the enemy an attack, then they get the attack, so deal with it because it was your choice for it to happen in the first place.

Note: any enemy power that can force you to provoke an OA occurs on their turn, so you can use immediate actions as normal.

ATTENTION:  If while reading my post you find yourself thinking "Either this guy is being sarcastic, or he is an idiot," do please assume that I am an idiot. It makes reading your replies more entertaining. If, however, you find yourself hoping that I am not being even remotely serious then you are very likely correct as I find irreverence and being ridiculous to be relaxing.

DMaple, I think it's intentional. The Impaling and Mind-Rending weapons look like they are meant to stop someone from moving. Impaling pretty much gives you Combat Superiority for one attack.
I'm thinking so too, because either side there are attack powers that are free actions with triggers like Vitriolic Weapon. Almost certainly for Impaling Weapon.

Mind-Rending is odd because the dazed condition won't stop movement or the attack if the opponent was say charging you. Still unlike Impaling Weapon it last until the end of you next turn so at least you can take advantage of it.

I see not reason for Rod of the Dragon’s Heart to be an immediate reaction however.

Still since this is a new application of the rule I think a side bar reminding people about the limitation using on immediate action on your turn and how these weapons work would have been a good idea to include with this article.
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