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I have done a few fairly thorough google searches (even confined myself to this forum as well as Enworld) and am not finding precisely what I'm looking for, and it is this: I would like an idiot-proof description of how to handle the Expanded Spellbook feat from the PHB (page 195). The listing is as follows:

Benefit: Choose one daily wizard attack spell of every level you know. Add this spell to your spellbook.
Each time you gain a new level of daily wizard attack spells, you learn one extra spell of that level (in other words, add three spells to your spellbook instead of only two).
This feat doesn't change the number of daily attack spells you can prepare each day.

I apologize, in advance, for not grasping what is probably, for some of you, pretty intuitive stuff. I'm actually having a hard time unlearning some old pre-WotC habits (it took me a while to expunge THAC0 from my terms-list when v3 came out), but I digress...

My wife is playing a half-elven wizard. Last night, she (and the rest of the gang) hit level 2. For her feat, she wishes to take Expanded Spellbook. My questions are:
  • What happens, immediately, to her spellbook? She currently has Sleep and, I presume, will gain an additional daily spell that she chooses. Of course, she can only use one or the other in a given 'day'.
  • Does this not affect her selection of encounter and at-will powers? Just the dailies?
  • As she progresses in levels, can one of you kind souls tell me what I should expect to happen as replacement spells come into affect?

Thanks, in advance, for any help you can offer. I've just finished DM'ing my second adventure and I must say that the rules are far more satisfying than they have ever been.

I'm sure that once we get a few more sessions under our belt, things will be even better.

I'll give it a go.

1. Your wife's character should already have a spell book (as a wizard class feature), and thus should already have an extra first level daily besides sleep. The normal rule is that you get to memorize your choice of sleep or that other spell for your first level "slot" after an extended rest. The same applies to your utility powers. Your wife's character at 2nd level should have two, one of which is "in use" and the other one stored in the book...and you can swap them out after an extended rest.

2. Spellbooks (and the feat) have no effect on encounter or at-will powers in any way. Those spells are not recorded in your book whatsoever. Furthermore, if a wizard loses his book, he doesn't lose the spells he had ready for the day. That spell selection is merely "frozen" until the wizard recovers the book. [Thus a wizard losing his book is an inconvenience but not the end of the world like it used to be.]

3. The Expanded Spellbook merely gives your wife's character an Extra "daily" in her book for each one she can cast. Thus at second level she would have three first level daily spells in her book, of which she's pick one to 'activate' after each extended rest.

4. You can not have any more spells "available" for immediate casting than any other character. You simply have more versility between extended rest periods.

5. Finally, when you replace a spell, you replace the spells as "doublets". What that means is when you Swap out a first level daily at fifteen level, you get two 15th level daily spells in your book and you have to give up two spells of lower levels in your book to make room (three in each case if you have extended spellbook). Likewise if you are swapping a spell for a non-wizard power (multiclassing), you have to give up two spells for that one power (which does not go in your book).

I hope that's a little bit clearer.

First, as a wizard, she should at level 1 have 2 level 1 daily attack powers in her spellbook already. Upon reaching 2nd level, she would add 2 level 2 utility powers. She can only prepare 1 of each per day.

When she takes the feat, she would add 1 level 1 daily attack power and 1 level 2 utility power, so she should have 3 level 1 daily attack powers [deleted text: oops, forgot expanded doesn't increase utility]. Of course, she can only prepare 1 of each per day still.

The spellbook only has rituals, daily attack powers, and utility powers. At-will and encounter attack powers are treated the same as other classes.

On the replacement spells, I'm not sure. I think she can replace a whole level's worth of spellbook spells with higher level spells, but I don't know officially how this is handles.
1) expanded spell book makes it so that for every daily attack power (by level) that the wizard can cast, they have 3 choices of which power that would be. The choice is made after an extended rest so as to not be an "on-the-fly" choice.

2) expanded spell book does not change anything else at all.

3) as she progresses in levels and replacement of lower level spells begins, she would remove all daily spells of the level she is losing with an equal number of spells of the level she is gaining.

keep in mind that as per normal rules for wizard spell books she can also prepare 1 of 2 utility spells for each level of utility spell she has.

A final note: If she wants to keep her lower level spells (such as sleep) even after the point at which she would have replaced them with higher level spells... she can always retrain one of her spells for a lower level spell, such as dropping a 5th level daily option to pick sleep up again and now counting it as a 5th level daily.

ATTENTION:  If while reading my post you find yourself thinking "Either this guy is being sarcastic, or he is an idiot," do please assume that I am an idiot. It makes reading your replies more entertaining. If, however, you find yourself hoping that I am not being even remotely serious then you are very likely correct as I find irreverence and being ridiculous to be relaxing.

On the replacement spells, I'm not sure. I think she can replace a whole level's worth of spellbook spells with higher level spells, but I don't know officially how this is handles.

Exactly right. The Official Wizards D&D 4e FAQ explains it pretty well. Please note the distinction drawn between "retraining" (available at each level) and "replacing" (available when multiclassing, or at a few specific level-ups):

[INDENT]Q. How does retraining and multiclassing work with the spellbook?

A. If you retrain a daily or utility power you only retrain one of your two choices for that level, if you choose a lower level power while retraining it still occupies the same level. If you swap a power with a power from a different class through multiclassing or replace a power because of gaining levels you replace both spell choices with the new power.

- Alane -
Wow, you people rock. Thank you so much for helping to clarify this stuff. My wife is very happy to know that she has many more options. We both managed to miss the whole 'needing to prepare' the utility and daily spells (which I'm familiar with based on previous editions). Also, the fact that she has an additional choice for her daily is fantastic stuff. It gives her the options that we all associate with a wizard.

Again, thanks to all of you. I'm going to bookmark this message thread to have it on hand when the next Wizard spellbook question arises.
One thing which I might add --
In my group, a friend started a Wizard and was having similar questions with this feat. Looking at the chart on Page 29 of the PHB, the Wizard will look at this very differently than any other class.

Other classes look at the "Total Powers Known" columns as the powers that they "know". The Wizard is different. The Wizard looks at these numbers as the Total Powers (for Daily and Utility) that can be memorized (and used) in a single day.

Because of the spellbook, the Wizard actually "knows" more Daily and Utility Spells then other classes, but is limited to "memorizing" or casting the same number as any other class in a day.

Hope this helps to clarify things.