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This may be something that is quite obvious to others, or maybe not. The rules are not exactly cut-and-dry about explaining it, so to avoid confusion I have a lengthy post about it... thank you in advance to any brave souls that delve into my ranting

The rules state that a wizard stores utility and daily powers in his/her spell book, and when gaining a new daily or utility spell, you gain 2 powers to add to your spell book.

As i understand this... a level 6 wizard would have 4 daily powers and 4 utility powers stored in the spell book (two 1st lvl dailys, two 2nd lvl utilitys, two 5th lvl dailys, and two 6th lvl utilitys... this is assuming that no re-training was used to change this set-up)

But the text in the book states "After an extended rest you can prepare a number of daily and utility spells according to what you can cast per day for your level. You can't prepare the same spell twice." (page 158, PHB)... well, according to the Character Advancement chart (page 29, PHB) a 6th lvl character has 2 daily powers and 2 utility powers.

Does this mean the wizard could prepare both 6th lvl utility powers in his/her spellbook, to be used for one day? (and like-wise with the two 5th lvl daily powers)

at first, i thought they would not be able to do that.... simply because I felt this would skew the power of the wizard too much. but after thinking about it, i can't see what other reason there would be for having so many spells in the spell book... besides having more choices for different situations.

But if you had to keep separate which powers you learned at which levels and make sure you never prepare those powers in the wrong "slot" (essentially the same as preparing wizard spells in 3.5 with different "spell levels")... i think that would get in the way of the "quick and easy" feel that 4.0 is trying to bring to the pen-and-paper genre (as well as going through alot of trouble just to make sure you have some more choices.... people always get in the routine of using the same spells all the time anyways, so it seems like a waste of time to me).

I have pretty much decided to let this go through as a house rule anyways for my game... so that the wizard can prepare what ever he has in his spell book (as long as he doesn't prepare the same spell twice and he doesn't prepare more that the chart on page 29 allows for each type of power). I just wanted to see what other people say about it and get their input first.

Thank you

You, sir, may have stumbled upon genius. I shall rush to my books, post haste, to see if it is so. If it is, I don't know what to say... just, wow.

EDIT: I just checked, and as far as I can see, you're right! That makes a huge difference, and now the Wizard's Spellbook actually seems to make sense.
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Sounds right to me

Another thing I do is to let the wizard choose his spell that he's going to cast in the moment, instead of forcing him to "declare" it at the beginning of the day, but that's just me because I don't like the 'guess what spell' game. WHen the time comes to cast, he can cast whichever as if that one had been the one he memorized. He just can't repeat the same spell in one day. And yeah, I would allow him the two 5th levels if he chose em.
If you read the FAQ, you'll see that wizards are restricted to the same levels for their powers as everybody else -- you can't just load up on your highest level powers. All the spellbook does is let you choose some of your powers in the morning.
But the Specific vs. General rule (pg11) states that a specific rule will beat a general rule, so the Wizard rule that he learns 2 daily/utility spells when he can in witch a 6th leval wizard would be able to prepare 2 1st level dailys, 2nd level utilities, 2 5th level dailys, and 2 6 level utilities would comply with the rules right?
4th edition PHB FAQ

8. Can a 5th level wizard memorize two 5th level daily spells instead of a 1st and a 5th level daily spell?

At the end of each long rest, a wizard prepares one 1st-level Daily spell chosen from the list of 1st level daily spells in her spellbook. If she were at least 2nd level, she would also prepare one 2nd-level utility spell chosen from the list of 2nd-level utility spells in her spellbook. At 5th level she would also prepare one 5th-level daily spell from her list of 5th-level daily spells in her spellbook. She would repeat this process for every level that she has access to wizard daily or utility spells. She could not, as a 5th-level wizard, prepare a second 5th-level daily spell in place of a daily spell of a different level.

The wizard gets one spell from every level he knows spells from. Not two 5th level dailies or two 6th level utilities.

Also, if you choose to learn a 5th and a 1st level daily when you hit 5th level [since you can always learn lower-level powers], you would get to choose one of the three 1st level dailies you know and one of the one 5th level daily you know.
Stheevie is correct. You are limited to the same power structure per day as everyone else, but you have at least double the variety ( I say at least because you can take another feat that lets you learn even more spells. )
You want to see the chart on page 147 I think of the DMG. That one shows you clearly that your slots are level specific not generic. Ie your level 10 wizard doesn't have 3 generic daily slots. He has 1 1st level slot, 1 5th level slot, and 1 9th level slot.
But what happens if the wizard chooses a daily or utility spell of a lower level than his maximum? Is he suddenly boned because he's restricted to only certain levels?
Ever feel like people on these forums can't possibly understand how wrong they are? Feeling trolled? Don't get mad. Report Post.
But what happens if the wizard chooses a daily or utility spell of a lower level than his maximum? Is he suddenly boned because he's restricted to only certain levels?

This is my gravest concern regarding this particular area of the game as well.

If I decide to, when I learn my level 6 utility powers, to instead get two more level 2 utility powers rather than level 6, by the FAQ response, I would be able to prepare a single level 2 utility spell out of the four I have, and nothing in that 6th level utility "slot". That seems incredibly strange to me.

While writing this, however, I suppose that allowing a lower level power in a higher level "slot" would make this somewhat more plausible:

At level 6, if I'm not mistaken, you have a level 2 and a level 6 utility slot. Even if you've chosen to add 4 level 2 utility spells to your book, you could prepare one of them in the level 2 slot, and one in the level 6 slot (they can't be duplicates, of course).

This seems relatively straight forward, I suppose, no? I may be missing something.

Spellmaster (still confused)
Think of it written down like this on a character sheet:

1st level daily power: (has to be 1st level)
5th level daily power: (can be 5th level or lower)

So the wizard can pick 2 1st level daily power at level 1 for his spellbook. When he reaches 5th level he picks 2 5th level, 1 5th level/1 1st level, or 2 1st level daily power, but both go in the 5th level slot. When he memorizes the daily spells, his 1st level daily would be from the 2 he picked at 1st level, and the 5th level slot would be from the 2 he picked at 5th level.

You might allow the 1st level slot to be any of the 1st level powers he has, even if he picked up some for the 5th level slot, which would give him more choices for that, but reduce his versitality for the 5th level spell, but if I DMed, I would say this was a house rule.