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I've been pondering Tactical Shift for a while, and I can't come to a conclusion.
The trigger says 'A creature hits your ally with a melee or ranged attack.' and the effect is 'The ally can shift a number of squares equal to 1+ your Intelligence modifier.'

I would think that this means your ally gets to shift away from the attack, and therefore not get hurt.

So I guess my question is about the wording of the trigger. I assume that 'A creature hits' means 'A creature scores a successful attack' and not 'A creature does the Hit portion of an attack'. If that makes any sense.

Sound right?
It's an Immediate Interrupt. That means that by employing it, you prevent the triggering action from occurring.

I'm not sure how you'd differentiate between "a successful attack" and "the hit portion of an attack". If the creature rolls to-hit and succeeds, that's when you can interrupt.

I'd think the DM might be miffed if you always waited until after the damage roll to decide whether it's worth interrupting or not.

If you mean the difference between "a creature attempts an attack" and "a creature hits", the trigger is "hits". You don't need to move them if they miss.
I've noticed that in 4e quite a few powers happen after the dice are rolled but before the result is actually applied.
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