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Trying to get groove of 4e as a DM so i made my own PC to see what things look like. I made a fighter and i noticed somthing i just can't seem to find answer to.

When checking fighters powers i notice was this consistant 1[W] i figured was 1 melee attack but then i started noticing 2[W] and 3[W] aftering looking i was no closer to figuring out what these mean exactally. Can anyone clue me in on what this abreviation or symbol pertains to. Does just mean 1 melee attack or 2 melee attcks or is some chart i am missing some where and if so, page number would be awsome.
[W] is your weapon's damage die. See page 276 under Weapon Damage Dice.

Damage: The weapon’s damage die. When a
power deals a number of weapon damage dice (such
as 4[W]), you roll the number of the dice indicated by
this entry. If the weapon’s damage die is an expression
of multiple dice, roll that number of dice the
indicated number of times. For example, a falchion
(which has a damage die of 2d4) deals 8d4 damage
when used with a power that deals 4[W] on a hit.

and as mentioned above p.276
Weapon Damage Dice: A [W] in a damage
expression stands for your weapon’s damage dice.
(The weapon tables on pages 218–219 show damage
dice for all weapons.) The number before the [W] indicates
the number of times you roll your weapon dice.
If a power’s damage is “2[W] + Strength modifier”
and you use a dagger (1d4 damage), roll 2d4, then add
your Strength modifier. If you use a heavy flail (2d6
damage) with the same power, roll 4d6, then add your
Strength modifier.

thanks for clearing that up appeciate the quick respones ^^
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