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Not really a rules question related to the final rules, but one related to a preview... namely, the preview of the magic item and treasure systems. The "bundles" of treasure system looks great, and a pile more reliable than "roll and hope" a la 3.x, but I didn't see any guidelines for scaling it to size of party.

Anybody else see something I missed?
No, didn't miss anything. I would be baffled if they didn't provide scaling for party size, but I'm already baffled that they didn't give some indication in the preview. Given that there's 30 levels worth of parcels that's a lot of space, double or triple that if they include party of 4 and 6 parcels too. The other possibility is that it's as simple as "add an extra level +0 and level +1 item for each extra party member.

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Some math:

20% (each player's "share") of a 5th-level treasure bundle is 2800 gp, the value of a 7th-level item (2600 gp) plus the sale value of a 5th-level one (200 gp).

20% of a 6th-level treasure is 3760 gp. That equals an 8th-level item (3400 gp) plus the sale value of a 6th-level one (or a 1st-level one, 360 gp).

To sum it all up:

"For every character over 5 that you have in the party, add an item 2 levels higher than the party (or its equivalent in gp) plus monetary treasure equal to the sale value of an item of the party's level."
Its not an increase in party size that I worry about calculating, but a decrease.
Its not an increase in party size that I worry about calculating, but a decrease.

For 4 players it's easy. Remove the level+2 item from the list (parcel 3), and level/5 gp from the monetary parcels (parcel 9 in the lists provided in the excerpt seems to be "close enough").

For 3 players it gets more complicated...