WOTC: What is the best way to ask a Rules related question?

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WOTC: What is the best way to ask a Rules related question?

I have been in and out of the forums since 4th Edition was announced. The biggest problem I have found with the forums is that there is no clear method of addressing questions directly to the WOTC Staff in each of the forum areas.

Could you please discuss a clear and precise method that you wish to have questions asked in each forum area (for instance Dragon Magazine) and the method for which we will receive the answers?

For instance, you might like each new questions to be its own new thread and titled as,

"WOTC? Will characters still die when reduced to -10 HP? Or will some new death mechanic be used?"

Or perhaps a new forum should be created purely for questions that group all 4th Edition questions in one place thus separating the questions (and their eventual answers) from the discussions, rants, etc.

I bring up this request because the forums are quite explosive and out of hand from any rational person's ability to keep up with it all. And in the interest of better communication it seems something new needs to be tried.

Thanks for your time.
My intent was not to spam but simply to ask each forum the basic question as there is no central authority or clear method to post towards.

And I think that fact highlights the fundamental problem in that there is no clear separation between mass discussions & rants and actual questions being posed to WOTC. Nor is there a clear place to look for answers.
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